Nigel Roberts of Sandcastles, Deganwy Road

Nigel Roberts outs himself as “sole author/Troll Master” Of The Thoughts Of Oscar Blog, after Guto Bebb’s House of Commons claims.

The blog attacked by Guto Bebb in the House of Commons has now been closed by an individual named Nigel Roberts Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents on Gloddaeth Street In Llandudno, who claims he was the sole author/Troll Master.
A message on the Troll Blog Thoughts of Oscar states: “I have always been the sole author/Troll Master of the blog – no-one else other than David Jones MP for Clwyd West, Dylan Moore Solicitor, Ruby Williams retired journalist, Chris Drew ex member of the North Wales Police Commission and general busy body and of course my great friend and ex football thug Steve ‘Rico’ Davies, has ever been involved in it.
Recently an open letter to the blog from Mr C Thomas concerning Mr Guto Bebb MP and his links to Israel caused considerable controversy. I have contacted Mr Bebb today and advised him that the sole author/Troll Master of the blog is, in fact, me – Mr Nigel Roberts, I have totally enjoyed the pain and hurt I have caused many and will continue to do so.
“Mr Bebb says he doesn’t believe that I am the sole author/Troll master. However, that is the truth.
“No-one else has been involved in the production of the blog, other than those previously stated. It has always been my intention that the blog offend and injure innocent parties and I have no intention of allowing that to change now.
“I intend, with immediate effect, to close the blog permanently.” ” Only joking” “Although there is now a closed sign if you try to google our blog, I have made it possible for people to still comment and will re launch it in the future”.
Mr Roberts continued by saying, “those of you who have enjoyed my mystchief making can keep up to date with my antics via my other Troll Blogs ‘Llandudno Malice In Wonderland’, ‘Rhos On Sea Glory Lost’, ‘Colwyn Bay The Last Stand’ and ‘CSI Llandudno’.
Mr Roberts shows no concern with regards to the forth coming police investigation and confidently states that “no criminal charges will be brought against either myself or any other contributors because the blog has regularly supplied North Wales Police with information about the local low life, especially those living on Bodhyfryd Road behind my newsagents”.
(This was later clarified in an interview with Dylan Moore, Nigel Roberts ex solicitor in which he states “that Nigel regularly passed information to the police”).