PC Mike Smith

A rare bit of good policing

PC Mike Smith, on three different occasions over the last six years has outshone his colleagues, PC Smith is the only North Wales Police officer to have demonstrated any kind of professional balance.

As much as I hate to write a post that shows North Wales Police have hope, I feel to be fair it’s only right for me to compose this post about PC Mike Smith.

I only hope I don’t have to eat my words.

Six years ago my daughter was assaulted by a thug called Chrisie Jones, after calling the police it took several weeks and experiences with two useless PC’s before, and only at my insistence, we ended up with PC Smith investigating the assault.

I had never met or heard of PC Smith before, he attended our property, did what his colleagues should have done, (his job properly), which resulted in that thug being prosecuted.

Some time later I was attacked at about 3am during the course of my duties as a taxi driver, by coincidence PC Smith attended, the culprit was arrested and prosecuted.

Over the last two years our wonderful beautiful autistic boy and his friends, have been bullied relentlessly by a small group of older children, children who have abused their natural, physical ability to play football.

To explain, not only is our boy autistic (which makes him so fantastically unique), he has weak muscle tone and, one foot smaller than the other and hyperflexibility, conditions that slow him down and put him in danger of dislocation.

Our boy loves football, he lives it and breaths it, his football knowledge is second to none, these bullies and one in-particular enjoyed playing on my boys weaknesses, they/he would taunt him, tell he was crap, tell he did not deserve to be in the school team, steal his ball off of him, push him over and call him a spastic.

Over the summer holidays some of these children sought our boy out, came round to the back of my home where he plays football and started the bullying again, I recorded one such incident, an incident that involved the main culprit, a thug, a bully, and although it galled me to do it, I reported this kid to North Wales Police.

It took seven weeks for NWP to respond, this is me, I’ve been a pain in their arse for three years now, and I’m not a Freemason, a retired newsagent/police informant, a bent solicitor or a corrupt MP. I’m me, I stand my ground, I won’t be bullied and I won’t let my wife or children be bullied.

So eventually PC Mike Smith was assigned the job and to be fair to NWP, because of my previous experience of him, I made it clear I will not talk to any other of their officers but him.

PC Smith was shown my recorded video of this child, which was more than enough to support my report of his bullying, the boy was brought to the police station with his parents and read the riot act, prior to this his father, a small man with a big ego, confronted me outside our school, telling me he would kill me if I filmed his son again, his bravado was somewhat inflated, but there you go, the apple does not fall far from the the tree.

So my thanks to PC Mike Smith for behaving like a publicly paid servant should do, once again.