Trolls Go Shopping

Nigel and Wendy Roberts

Llandudno’s troll couple spotted me on Thursday, 05-10-2017, in Aldi. Roberts moved towards me as I was paying my bill, opened mouthed, ready to say something, as in the picture below.

Seeing there were so many witnesses, the sloth hesitated and turned away to leave, on exiting the store I noticed the 2 trolls gawking at me as I was heading back to my vehicle where my wife was waiting for me.

Wendy Roberts promptly gave a 2 fingered salute, such a lady and embarrassed herself. I turned in their direction and speaking directly to Nigel I said “Tell your wife not to be so offensive”. He replied “she didn’t do anything”.

At his point readers, I was shocked having only spoken to him on one previous occasion in the past, I hadn’t realised just how effeminate the troll is.

Nigel couldn’t resist having a dig, in his high pitched, shrill voice he squeaked at me “Have you seen a psychiatrist?”, I replied “No, have you?”.

To my surprise, he said “Yes, I have”, I confess I couldn’t help but laugh that the Troll was confessing in a busy car park that he was receiving psychiatric care; at this point, Wendy jumped out of the car and shouted “are you mad” to which I replied “no love, are you?”, Wendy declined to answer my question & skedaddled back into the car.

Nigel then went on to say “you’re a loser, go and play with your criminals, you’ve got nothing, you’re a nobody”; I think at this point Nigel thought he had insulted me, quite the opposite, I was still amused by his camp demeanor, which in contrast to his good ‘lady’ wife who is very masculine despite the lipstick smeared all over her face, I guess we can see who actually wears the trousers in Sandcastles.

My reply to Nigel was “I’ve got nothing? I’ve got a beautiful lady wife and 3 wonderful children, what have you got?” (Nigel was referring to material possessions, when he said “you’ve got nothing”, Nigel loves to crow about his properties and wealth, wealth he inherited from his daddy, Nigel misses the point, there is nothing more valued than family) the trolls jaw slackened while my comment resonated around his lonely brain cell and all he could come back with in again a very camp voice was “You’re wife’s a bloater”.

This was Nigel showing his true colours, a 54 year old playground bully, still trying to use his bulk to intimidate and childishly insult. Perhaps the fact that I wasn’t affected by his childish attempt to rile me demonstrates why Nigel has spent so many years as a keyboard warrior taunting and harassing whomever he and co-authors of his blog decided was fair game.

My parting shot to the troll was I have a very long memory, some my perceive this as a threat, that’s their prerogative.