North wales Police & partial policing

Time is not of the essence

For some time I have been waiting for an opportunity to personally prove that North Wales Police, police partially.

On Tuesday the 26th of last month, I was verbally and physically abused outside of my child’s  school by a parent of a child who had spent the last two years physically and emotionally abusing my son.

Having tried to voice my concerns to the boys parents and getting nowhere I had no choice but to involve North Wales Police, a situation I would sooner have avoided.

Just before informing NWPolice, I caught this individual bullying my son whilst he played football behind my house, I filmed this thug at his finest and kept the video as evidence.

Seven weeks after reporting the incident to NWP, PC Mike Smith was eventually assigned and took a statement from myself and was provided with a copy of the video.

A week later the thugs father, Mike Carey, threatened to kill me if I filmed his son again, I laughed at his threat and informed him that his son was nothing but a disgusting bully, to which he jumped out of his car and began to physically threaten me, pushing his face into my chest (small man syndrome). I asked him if he was going to hit me and if so to get on with it (knowing that if he struck me first it was open season as there were witnesses around). He replied “I have never hit anyone in my life”, this made me laugh again and caused me to question his aggression as he seemingly was unable to back his actions up.

Mr Carey was joined by his wife and the pair of them enjoyed synchronized shouting and finger pointing in my direction, exclaiming their son could not being a bully as he was only 11, a rather bizarre comment.

Then still ranting Mr Carey cajoled his wife back in the direction of their car.

Once home I reported the matter to NWP, who three days later and only after several phone calls on my part decided to assign PC Mike Smith to investigate the incident.

Smith took statements from myself and two witnesses that had been present during the whole event.

These statements in themselves should have seen Mr Carey charged with at the very least a section 4 violent harassment.

Carey was invited to Llandudno police statement where I’m led to believe he was interviewed under caution, PC Smith then presented his investigation with the evidence to his Sargent, Sargent 1601 Prytherch, who in his wisdom declared NFA (No Further Action).

It is important to inform the reader at this point that Prytherch’s inspector at Llandudno Police Station is Inspector Isaacs who has a complaint lodged against her by my solicitor with the IPCC on my behalf.

The comparison

27th April 2015 while walking with my eldest son we were confronted by Nigel and Wendy Roberts, North Wales Police informants and the internet troll that published the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog along with the MP for Clwyd West David Jones and his partner in crime Dylan Moore.

After an act of aggression on the part of Nigel Roberts, my son and I left the scene and walked home, thinking little of it, as this type of playground bullying was water off a ducks back.

On May the 5th 2015 at around 14.00 I was arrested in my home, my mobile phone was confiscated and I was dragged off to St Asaph police station where I was detained for 10 hours before finally being interviewed for allegedly violently harassing Nigel and Wendy Roberts in the street.

The alleged offense had no witness statements to back up the Roberts’ claims against me, only their words, and it had already been publicly proven that they both are prolific liars.

The only evidence NWPolice had was the CCTV evidence that consequently proved my innocence.

Eventually the claims made against me were withdrawn, but not after a huge cost to the tax payer.

Carey                                           Me

1, Violently harasses me outside of a school                      I’m accused of harassing the Roberts’

2, Witness statements are provided that prove guilt          Only the word of my accusers was                                                                                                           needed for NWPolice to arrest me

3, Carey is invited for a voluntary interview                          I was arrested, detained and                                                                                                                       interviewed

4, Despite concrete evidence of his guilt Carey                    I’m kept on conditional bail for three       receives an NFA decision, by a police Sgt,                         months, attended a pre-trial hearing       without any CPS involvement                                              then the case is dropped

5, Carey is friends with PC Mike Smith                                   I have no such alleigences

6, Llandudno Inspector Isaacs is currently being                 She should have no involvement investigated by the IPCC because of complaints                                                                                   by me lodged against her.


Clearly North Wales Police Police partially.