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We all know the story of Pinocchio, Dylan Moore takes Pinocchio’s habit of lying to levels beyond the stratosphere. And this is a solicitor!

It is only recently I have obtained a further statement on 26-09-2015, made by Moore after his original Statement on 24-09-2015, which accused my wife and I of causing him violent harassment after his car was damaged, which in turn led to our arrests, detention and raid on our home on the 07-10-2015.

His additional statement is full of lies and I suspect NWPOLICE instructed him to make this statement as they knew his original was not enough for them to form an arrest and seizure of goods, actions on behalf of the police amounted to nothing, they were basically on a fishing trip and ended up with egg all over their piggy faces.

Moore’s additional statement

My response

This is the course of events on 24th September 2015, I left my home at around 10.15am for a shopping trip with my eldest son and daughter, I had heard on the grapevine that Dylan Moore’s car had been vandalized, naturally this was of interest to me given the history.
So, en route I visited his street, by this time it was about 10.30 am, I drove past his house and noted his car had tarpaulin pulled over the front half of it which prevented any damage being viewed, at the bottom of the road I turned round and turned back for another view, Mark Bonsall, Dylan Moore’s partner was standing by his white car and with nothing more to be gained I headed off to Tesco.
Returning to Llandudno, I once more drove onto Dylan Moore’s street noting a low-loader outside of his property, the time was around 11.30am. I parked up away from the house to view the course of events as I knew my wife wouldn’t be finishing work until around 12.20 so I knew I had time to spare.
I saw the car being winched on to the back of the low-loader, I decided to drive by and asked my daughter who is in the front passenger to try and photograph any damage, she inadvertently captured Dylan Moore (please note attachment 1), and unknowingly captured her reflection in-particular her hands and my iPhone in the wing mirror (please see attachment 6).
Moore said ‘oh hello’ and I politely returned the compliment, by this time it was 11.55am.
Leaving Moore’s street I turned left onto Gwydyr Road, noting I still had spare time, so I parked on the left hand side in front of some cars, fully aware that the low-loader would have to come this way, to my surprise the low-loader turned left on to the road and travelling very fast, taking into account the traffic calming speed bumps, having passed me I followed, the low-loader turned left onto Maesdu Rd towards West Shore, I suspect the driver knew I was behind him as he quickly turned left again to the Royal Mail sorting office compound, I carefully followed him and as I passed him turning right into the staff car park I asked my daughter to photograph any damage, (please note attachments 2 & 4 in particular the time and date registered on the screen of my iPhone) there’s no way at all according to Moore’s statement the recovery truck turned up any later than 11.30 am, Moore states the truck was delayed until about 12.30pm, this is a clear and blatant lie.
At no time was Ellen with me that morning or early afternoon, this is supported by the photos and her bosses statement.
Yesterday evening I informed North Wales Police that I would be attending Nigel & Wendy’s address to photograph Ellen standing against the 6ft tall double gates, the Roberts’ accused Ellen of taking photographs above their gates holding a large camera with a large lens supported by a blue strap, this is a lie as the photos on my blog were taken by me on my iPhone (please see attachment 5)this information was given to PC 2927 Barlow (investigating officer) who took 7 weeks to investigate the truth, Ellen should have been completely exonerated from the outset.
In Dylan Moore’s additional statement re these events he tries to paint a picture of harassment against him from Ellen and myself, leading up to the 23rd September, he states a Mr Ian Ralph never had anything to do with the handling of his office computers, I have a covertly recorded conversation with Mr Ralph where he clearly says that whilst he owned Kindways computers in Llandudno, 1 or another of the secretaries employed by Mr Moore would bring in laptops etc they were having trouble with, which Mr Ralph would repair, this is not harassment, it’s a fact.
Moore accuses Ellen of repeating my comments made by me on my blog on her own personal blog Mama you talk, this is another lie and I would challenge Mr Moore to provide evidence, just to clarify Ellen’s blog was a ‘mummy style’ blog that concentrated on our Autistic son and was so named as this is what our son would say when he needed Ellen to talk for him.
Moore accuses me of involving spouses or partners, which I had done but only in a decent context, for example when I’ve mentioned Mr Moore’s partner it has only ever been to challenge Mr Bonsall’s lies about Ellen being in the car.
Referring back to what Moore says with regards to Ellen being clearly visible in the passenger seat videoing or taking photographs the entire time, as I’ve already proved this a lie, it was my daughter who bares no physical resemblance to her mother. And if you refer to Moore’s first statement he says I knew it was Mrs Windmill I recognized her immediately as I had previously spent some time with her & Mr Windmill at my office,  a court might suggest he was mistaken, his very own words however would make that an impossibility, he’s clearly lying.
1.) Moore states at 10.30am Ellen was in the passenger seat of our car taking photos or video, this couldn’t be the case as Ellen was at work (fact already proven).
2.)  Moore states the recovery truck was delayed until 12.30pm which I’ve proven is a blatant lie, but he states that Ellen drove past at that time, I quote ‘Mrs Windmill was photographing or videoing the car from the passenger seat, this time there was no passenger in the rear only Mr and Mrs Windmill’. He continues, ‘they may have decided that involving a child in harassment was not appropriate’, a comment I find personally patronizing. He then says he was shocked but not surprised to see them again.
3.)  Moore is a solicitor with 20 years experience behind him, you would think his observational skills would be spot on, on no fewer than 3 occasions in this statement he clearly states he recognizes Ellen, I have clearly proven that at no time between 10.30am and 12.30pm was Ellen with me when she was accused of photographing Dylan Moore’s damaged vehicle, another blatant lie.
4.)  Moore goes onto say ‘the Windmills behaviour amounts to more than harassment, it is intimidation and an incitement to criminal damage and personal injury. How Dylan Moore can make such a statement is beyond me, to prove harassment, there has to be 2 incidents of alleged harassment over a period of time, I admit to being in the car that day, so you might say because I passed his house twice he felt harassed, but on neither occasion was Ellen with me.
As far as intimidation was concerned, if he’s referring to posts I’ve published regarding his involvement with the Oscar blog, everything I’ve published is true and supported, where he gets the criminal damage and personal injury from is just beyond me.
5.)  ‘they really are scared, now we double our efforts’ a comment that Moore says I published on 6/02/15, I would challenge Mr Moore to provide evidence and context. I have never had in my entire adult life felt the need to make somebody scared and fearful.
6.) Moore states I made a comment in reference to paying the ferryman. I did make such a comment, because rather stupidly at the time I believed in North Wales Police and had faith that the evidence NWP had been presented with during the forced investigation into the Oscar blog would result in the arrests and prosecution of all those involved, I was wrong in my belief.
7)  Moore decides to involve his mother, insinuating Ellen and I passed her house very slowly, this is ludicrous and a clear desperate attempt by Moore to demonstrate harassment from Ellen & I, to this day I have no clue where his parents live.
8)  ‘Mr Windmill is a criminal, that is a fact’. Moore is attempting to use mistakes and misdemeanors I made as a young adult to besmirch me even further, to clarify when the Oscar blog vehemently attacked my wife & I and our children, I stood up to them and in February 2013 clearly proved the involvement of David Jones MP, Dylan Moore, Nigel Roberts and others in the publication of that blog, in an attempt to get in before them I published my mistakes on my blog, perhaps a mistake on my part. Additionally, if I was such a criminal why was I employed as a police officer with NWP in 1996.
9)  Moore accuse’s me of ‘reverting to criminal behaviour and inciting others to criminality, this is completely unfounded and I would challenge Moore to provide evidence to support his damning statement.
10)  The authors behind the Oscar blog upset a lot of people because of the damaging and harassing posts they published, all under the cloak of anonymity, it has always been in my mindset to prove their guilt and the involvement of NWP, please see attachment 6 an email from PC Cawood, you’ll note the relevance). Coincidentally, I was informed about the Roberts’ cars whilst in ASDA &  Moore’s car early on the 24th whilst on my regular daily walk through the town.
11)  Moore says I published a comment stating ‘Snitches get Stitches’ this is another lie and challenge him to prove it.
12)  He accuses young children to be incited to damage his vehicle, this would suggest those guilty have been apprehended and punished, in which case the local press would have published the story, something I am unaware of.
13)  Moore correctly assumes I have no respect for the legal system, NWP are corrupt, all politicians are liars and Freemasons are involved.I don’t think all policemen are corrupt but many certainly are, can you name an honest politician? You only have to read the press regarding freemasonry.
14)  ‘taking the law into your own hands, fuck, whats wrong with that?’ I’ve never published any such thing.
15) ‘the righteous will rejoice when he see’s the vengeance, he will bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked’, I’ve never published any such thing.
16)  ‘revenge is an act of passion, vengeance is justice injuries are avenged, crimes are avenged’ I’ve never published any such thing.
17) ‘In the streets at school, on the job – everyone hates a snitch’ I’ve never published any such comment.
18) ‘Always know the difference with what you are getting and what you deserve’ I’ve never published any such comment.
19)  ‘Your crimes complete and you will pay, they will hunt you to the ground’ I’ve never published this comment.
20)  ‘No one likes a rat! Remember the police are not your friend, be smart, don’t snitch’I can only assume Mr Windmill knew I had offered a £5000 reward for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for the damage to my car’, this is new knowledge of the reward and reading this statement, I had no idea of it.
I have to ask the question why Moore felt it necessary to make a further statement in addition to his original statement that I have, this new statement is full of lies and during the course of the last 3 years, I have had to contend with Jones, Roberts & Moore opening additional blogs publishing vile insinuations (please see attachment 8, this photo is of Ellen, which she had uploaded to Facebook, they stalked her account and used this to harass myself, this evidence was presented to NWP) of which I screen shoot on every occasion for evidential purposes, all of which has been presented to NWP on every occasion,  I can only assume that Moore has done likewise to back up what he says is on my blog.
I’m of the opinion that his initial statement did not have enough background information on Ellen’s alleged harassment to warrant her arrest for violent harassment and this is a clear attempt to make Ellen and myself to be people we clearly are not.
Dylan Moore is a clear and blatant liar, he has deliberately lied in his police statements to ensure the police had enough for a section 4 violent harassment arrest which in turn allowed them to ‘legally’ raid my home, it’s called a fishing trip, they found nothing because there was nothing.
In any other instance someone proved to have deliberately lied in a police statement would have been prosecuted, but not in the case of NWPOLICE and Dylan Moore, WHY?
Moore threatens to sue me, but says I have no assets, this is not the case Moore I would invite you to please sue me, you will lose because your a lying internet troll and police informant, you wretched little man.


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