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Awaiting spam checkIt has been said many times that the thoughts of Oscar blog was by and large a force for good.
How if no crime had ever been committed could anyone ever be prosecuted?
All in all quite simple but you and your numpty friends can’t get your heads around that.

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Awaiting spam checkWhat’s the point of attempting any interaction if you fail to publish a comment?


Using the identities and email address’s of other people and their associated employment is highly illegal, it’s among’st other things called identity theft, not that that would worry the unbalanced personality’s of trolls like David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts, Sloth and Dylan Moore. AKA Pinocchio.

Principally it is my belief that Jones and Moore load the pistol and our little, sorry big neighborhood internet troll, Nigel Roberts pulls the trigger, it is his way, it is how he gets his kicks, it is perverse.

They continue to harass me and my family with the full knowledge that NWPOLICE will do nothing to prosecute them, nice!

Can we the victims rely on the help of NWPOLICE? nope, not a chance.

Who are you going to use next boys? Dave Powell maybe!