David Jones MP, an dishonest hypocrite

The hypocrisy of a ‘religious’ MP

My last post was concentrated on the North Wales ‘Mafia’, dirty politicians, pedophiles, bent police, bent judiciary, bent health care workers and the MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones, admittedly I did not write that post but all the same it is of great interest to my blog and I.

I want to dissect sections of that post and see if in the process and with your help, more information on the dodgy dealings of David Jones could come to light.

This next paragraph intrigues me:

David Jones’s wife is of course an Angel, although I think that she trained at a London hospital rather than in north Wales. I remember one of David Jones’s early election campaigns – it involved explaining to the constituents that as David and his wife were Christians and particularly with Mrs Jones being an Angel, they could not support abortion‘.

Although I have blogged before about Jones and the hypocrisy of his religious beliefs I feel it is relevant to further point out the error of his ways.

Before I continue it is important that I explain myself, I am an atheist, I could not for one moment use religion to justify anything I do, whether deemed good or bad and the more I hear and see of those who claim to be Christians the more I desire to distance myself from them and their associations, these people live a life of hypocrisy.

For the benefit of David Jones MP

If you truly believe you are a christian and you follow Christ truthfully, you would not lie, you would not manipulate the law to appease yourself and your counterparts, you would not engage in cult like behavior (as is the case with Freemasons) , you would not think yourself better or higher than another, you would not do down those less fortunate, as in the disabled, you would not use your beliefs to justify your homophobic behavior. All the things you shouldn’t do, David Jones is guilty of and a lot more:





You would be humble throughout your life, whether you be wealthy or not, you would strive to help those less fortunate.


Therefore, God most often calls people who don’t view themselves as high and mighty but who instead see problems in themselves. They are more humble and teachable because they can more readily recognize and acknowledge their human weaknesses. They are people who have made mistakes and know it.


1. A true believer’s heart is changed forever. In Jeremiah 32:39 the Lord says, “I will give them one heart, and one way, that they may fear me forever.” Hypocrites never have a changed nature. Hypocrites want Christ for the good that He might do them in the world. But a true believer’s heart loves Christ as the all-satisfying treasure of this life and the next.

2. A true believer’s changed life comes from a heart of love to Christ. Hypocrites can clean up their outward behavior to be seen by men, to ease their troubled consciences, or to keep themselves from the consequences of their sins. But true believers love Christ and keep His commandments for His sake, to serve Him, to know Him, and to bring glory to His name (Ps 119:6).

3. A true believer seeks Christ and His kingdom above all else. This is the one thing necessary: Christ’s friendship and fellowship. But that is never the “one thing” and heart-satisfying choice of the hypocrites. True believers, on the other hand, desire that this “better part would never be taken from them” (Lk 10:42).

4. A true believer submits to the righteousness of God. He abandons all hope in himself and his own righteousness, and rests wholly in the righteousness of Christ for his acceptance before God. A true believer rests in Christ and Him only as his Savior. Hypocrites don’t do this (Rom 10:3). They depend, in some degree, upon their own righteousness.

5. A true believer has the three great essentials of genuine Christianity. First, he is broken in heart and emptied of his own righteousness so as to loath himself (Lk 19:10). Second, he takes up Christ Jesus as the only treasure and jewel that can enrich and satisfy (Matt 13:44). Third, he sincerely closes with Christ’s whole yoke without exception, judging all His “will just and good, holy and spiritual” (Rom 7:12). A hypocrite does none of these things.

David Jones said he consulted his religion before he said this:

David Jones said this before he attacked a disabled ex service man:

Tory Minister David Jones refused to apologise yesterday for accusing a disabled bedroom tax victim of “lying” in a face-to-face meeting about the cruel benefit cut.

The Wales Secretary brushed off army veteran Chris Caruana’s plight as a party-political stunt in a meeting at the Welsh Assembly on Wednesday.

Mr Jones shut down Mr Caruana’s appeal, asking if he was campaigning to end the cruel Tory policy because he is a member of the Labour Party.

“When I said I wasn’t a member, he said: ‘I think you are’,” Mr Caruana told the Star.

“I’ve never been a member of the Labour Party or any other party.

“I’m just a disabled ex-serviceman.”

Outraged Mr Caruana, who left the army after being shot in the chest, added: “I worked for nearly 30 years after I came out of the services.

“It was only when my chest injury caught up on me then I had to give up my work.

“Since then my health has gone downhill. To speak to someone like that is out of order.”

Mr Caruana’s call for a personal apology from the Tory minister was snubbed by Mr Jones — whose father was an army officer.

The Wales Office refused to make a comment when the Morning Star contacted it to ask whether Mr Jones would apologise.

Neither did the Clwyd West MP deny launching the extraordinary attack on the disabled man at the meeting during his visit to Cardiff Bay.

David Jones said this about being involved with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, then his partner Dylan Moore said this:

David Jones MP is a disgusting internet troll, a Freemason, a liar, an abilist, a homophobic and a CHRISTIAN…..

Me I’m an atheist and a lot of things, but at least I’m honest about who I am and mistakes I’ve made and I do not go through life hurting other people to protect my own interests etc.