FOI request

We can’t afford it

Recently I submitted these FOI requests to North Wales Police:

Under freedom of information, i would kindly request,  how many complaints have been submitted to North Wales Police via the ipcc or your professional standards department over the last three years and how many of those complaints have been upheld.

Thankyou Richie Windmill

Their reply

My next request:

Under the freedom of information act I would like to request the following:

What were the basis’s of each individual complaint made to NWPolice professional standards department between 01-08-2014 and 01-08-2017
I do not want names dates places etc just the reason for each individual complaint not upheld of the 2,727 complaints made and the basis/reason for each individual complaint upheld, 235,
Kind regards Richie Windmill

Their reply:

The hypocrisy of it all

So it seems NWPolice can waste thousands of pounds harassing my family and I to protect their involvement with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, and provide protection for its high profile author, David Jones MP for Clwyd West, yet they deem my request to expensive.

The cost of covering up their corrupt actions has run into millions of pounds since 2008, if you take into to account that there were nearly three thousand complaints made against NWPolice and it’s employees during the last three years, all of which have to be investigated, that is unless your complaining about the Chief Constable, but we will come to that later, how many complaints have been made since 2008?

Why 2008? you might ask, for the answer to that you need you keep an eye on upcoming posts on Michael Creamers excellent blog. Michael Creamer vs the mob.