Cowardly Mr anonymous

Nigel, David or Dylan

Anonymous comments sent into my blog, why is it these cowards are incapable of commenting about a person/persons in their own name? or like a person with a backbone, to our faces?

The latest attempts of a coward to stir the shite:

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Awaiting spam checkCreamer ?
Both him and his son are crooks!
Maybe that’s why they both pleaded guilty to some regrettable offences.
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Awaiting spam checkNo smoke without fire in the case of your arrests.
Your a wrong one for sure.

Its easy to be brave, when you hide behind a computer screen using aliases to cast aspersions, when you know if your intended targets complain to NWPolice, those bent buggers will do nothing,.

On one hand it must be exhilarating to enjoy behaving in such a wimpish cowardly fashion, akin to a person that can only achieve a level of arousal that culminates in a sticky mess over chubby fingers and on the other hand frustrating to know that you don’t have the balls to stand tall like a man and vent your feelings honestly.

There have been studies conducted on folk like the Freemason internet trolls David Jones MP, Dylan Moore solicitor and Nigel Roberts the child stalker, that prove these kind of people lay awake at night planning their braveness, going through scenarios in their twisted minds, scenarios in which they envisage themselves confronting people like me, that they don’t like for whatever reason, face to face and psychically sorting me out, coming away feeling elated, satisfied, that they have been man enough to do what their real-selves could never do, the real cowardly, clammy handed weak people they have no choice but to live with, because that is truly who they are.

It’s a perversion, a way of dealing with their massive inadequacies, inadequacies they try to keep hidden from the folk they live and work with on a daily basis, apart from a select few, you know people like themselves.

Much like a pedophile will only share his or her fantasies/realities, with like minded perverted people, you know the kind, we read about them in the news and watch reports about them on TV. Pedophiles generally belong to a group of like minded perverts who share their sexual desires and experiences and formulate plans, plans on how they might achieve their sexual goals individually and collectively, commonly known as a pedophile ring, a network of perverts who operate locally, nationally and globally and are most often headed by MP’s or police officers, you only have to look at Gordon Anglesea, ex of North Wales Police, Cyril Smith deceased MP or their good friend Jimmy Seville.