The idiot brain ‘North Wales Police’

‘Operation Scorpion’

A cross border drug operation, NWPOLICE conduct raids simultaneously, at property’s in Holyhead, Llandudno Junction, Llandudno and Colwyn Bay.

The complete f*ck ups that North Wales Police are, only raided the wrong house on the wrong street at 5am this morning in Holyhead, smashing down a door frightening the lives out of an innocent family with a young child, who will probably be scared for life, the incompetent bastards.

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Only North Wales Police screw up so often, just like they did when they illegally raided my home, one has to wonder how many thousands of pounds compensation they will have to and quite rightly so pay this innocent family for yet another gigantic screw up?

Don’t forget folks it’s you the tax payers that foot the ever increasing compensation payouts for cockups and illegal actions conducted by North wales Police NORTH WALES POLICE.

North Wales Police have stated it was only minor damage caused, that’s untrue but irrelevant, what about the huge psychological damage? especially to the young child.

Keep reading this blog for information relating to careless and illegal actions carried out by NWPOLICE.

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