The village idiot

The Village Idiot

sacked Welsh minister and sacked brexit minister baffles himself on gay parenting

David Jones’s comments about same-sex couples and children are garbled and contradictory

Secretary of state for Wales, David Jones MP, arriving for work at Downing Street. Photograph: Steve Back / Barcroft Media

Is Welsh secretary, David Jones, attempting to lead some kind of double political life from within the Conservative party? After a TV interview and a clarifying statement, he still doesn’t seem quite sure what he’s talking about.

Jones says that his reason for voting against gay marriage was that “clearly” gay couples “cannot provide a warm and safe environment” in which to raise children. His clarification: “Since same-sex partners could not biologically procreate children, the institution of marriage, in my opinion, should be reserved to opposite-sex partners.” However, Jones says that he is not against civil partnerships, or gay couples adopting, and he has “people in my life who are important to me who are gay”.

What kind of skewed mindset thinks gay couples should have civil partnerships and adoption rights, then balks at marriage? It’s like a horse that’s just won the “gay issues” Grand National, but then trips over a bucket.

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