Clumsy North Wales Police

A class act…..

AN elderly woman was left in fear after a market researcher claiming to be from the police phoned and asked if there were any men living with her.

The 88-year-old from Rhuddlan was so scared a burglar was on the line she has since repeatedly checked that her windows and doors were locked.

In fact, the clumsy call WAS genuine – an attempt by North Wales Police to find out what residents thought of the quality of their service. (Shit)

The pensioner was one of a number of residents quizzed by researchers calling on behalf of the force.

Other householders have also expressed concern at the nature of the questions which led them to believe they were a target for potential criminals.

At least six have contacted North Wales Police over the survey.

Last night furious councillor Ann Davies said the police had now agreed to axe their survey.

She said: “After residents got in touch with me, I voiced my opinions to the police and they have told me that the survey was legitimate and have agreed to stop their research.

“An 88-year-old widow called me to say she was worried because she had been asked if a man lived at her address.

“Put on the spot, she answered the questions but she was left so scared that she was locking all her doors and windows because she was so frightened it was a bogus call.

HAHAHA!!! I can name a couple of people who would legit spend about a 100 bucks on this! Hahaha!!!!

Coun Davies added: “I wanted to find out why they were asking people such questions and I am pleased to know it won’t happen again.

“I just want to reassure people that if they have given their personal information over the phone, that it was in safe hands.”

A North Wales Police spokeswoman yesterday said that researchers wanted to ensure the survey contained a balanced sample.

She said: “A company has been undertaking research on quality of service on behalf of North Wales Police.

“Having spoken to many people of all age groups, at the end of last week the researchers were particularly keen to speak to males between 16 and 54 years old to provide a balanced sample.

“It is standard that on each occasion the company provides a full introduction, explaining the nature of the call and also that the work is on behalf of the force.

“Following the introduction, a question is asked as to whether a man in this age group is available to take part in the survey.

“If not, the company terminates the call with an appropriate explanation and the recipient is given a freephone number should they wish to check the validity of the call.

“To date, some 3,700 persons have completed the survey.