A corrupt force trying to blind the public, NWPOLICE

Trying to big themselves up.

I have no doubt what so ever that the company commissioned to carry out this survey will target the elderly and the middle classes, they will not contact the people that suffer the most under the corrupt cosh of the North Wales Police truncheon, the hard working ordinary folk who are continually targeted by NWPOLICE, or the folk that have been abused by NWPOLICE’s masonic members, or the people who take a stand against NWPOLICE corruption and for doing so are hounded by NWPOLICE till they either give up or suffer the fate of concocted arrests and detainment in the hope of being silenced.

This company will have been given strict areas to canvass and clearly told to leave certain areas and telephone numbers alone.

A biased survey to big up a corrupt force, and at what cost to the public purse.

North Wales Police Public Confidence Survey

Chief Constable Polin and the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones have commissioned a public confidence survey of North Wales residents.

This is the fourth annual survey, and gives the public of North Wales the opportunity to feed back their perception of services provided by the Police, feelings of confidence and safety, and their general views of policing. The public are also asked about their views on the priorities set by the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The survey is undertaken by a company who are contacting randomly chosen members of the public between now and the end of December. The survey should only take 10-15 minutes to complete. Welsh speakers can complete the survey in Welsh as all interviewers are bilingual.