The loss of a friend

Adrian Eyglesheim

It is with great intrepidation that I am writing this post, simply because I am only to aware of the twisted joy, the news of Adrian’s passing will bring to the perverse fools that authored the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

David Jones MP, Dylan Moore, Solicitor and Nigel Roberts, useless lump.

These three horrible individuals taunted, harassed and hounded Mr Eyglesheim and his wife for years, they stole his identity to attack others and did all they could to make his life uncomfortable, such is the mentality of these three Freemasonic knuckle draggers.

So that being said I would like to tell readers of this blog, briefly, about the Adrian Eyglesheim we knew.

After meeting Adrian in person, with my wife, we immediately formed the opinion that this gentleman was an intelligent witty warm human being and very quickly took him to our hearts, such was his nature.

Although our meeting was brought about because of the bitter behavior exuded by the three fore mentioned, it was a meeting we could never regret, unlike some at the time.

Adrian not only became a friend to my wife and I but he also formed a lovely relationship with our youngest child who is autistic.

Over the few short years we were acquainted with Adrian and despite health issues, he was always eager to help, whether that be personal help or help for our group VOO.

Adrian will be sadly missed by those that knew him and by his family.