Pick me, please pick me

David Jones misses out on the latest re-shuffle

Why would anyone in their right mind promote this lying. internet trolling little slug to a cabinet position?

His track record is appalling, he’s has been sacked twice from ministerial positions because of his incredibly unsafe personality.

I’m told he had been kissing the PM’s arse for some weeks recently, in the hope of a position in the re-shuffle, oh well Jones it’s back to Boris’s bollocks then.

On a more serious note please do not forget Jones you lying slug, I will never forgive you for the lies you cast about my wife and I and for the false arrests you had implemented against us, all because I had exposed you as the lying internet troll behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, I have a long memory and will get my revenge, legally speaking. I will not rest until that day.

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