David Jones MP & ‘The corner stone group’.

The cornerstone group

About us

About us

We are a group of Conservative MP’s dedicated to the traditional values which have shaped the British way of life throughout this country’s history.

We believe in the spiritual values/so long as those values do not conflict with our needs and expectations, which have informed British institutions, her culture and her nation’s sense of identity for centuries, underpinned by the belief in a strong nation state, for other words a dictatorship.

We stand for the Monarchy; traditional marriage, not homosexual marriage or relationships; family, especially young boys, http://www.drsallybaker.com/tag/thoughts-of-oscar/ and community duties, so long as we come first; proper pride in our nation’s distinctive qualities, white upper classes first, middle English, lower classes and immigrants in their place ; quality of life, for the higher echelons who follow our beliefs, over soulless utility, unless it suits otherwise; social responsibility over personal selfishness, we will not tolerate anyone opposing us; social justice as civic duty, but not for all, not state dependency, people dependent on the state are a drain on society, especially the disabled ; compassion for those in need, as in the case of David Jones MP, when he was being accused of trolling; reducing government waste, by getting rid of the Labour party and Liberals; lower taxation, for the wealthy and deregulation, anything state owned should be sold for our profit, apart from the TV licence; our ancient liberties against politically correct censorship, so for other words we would prefer society as it was one hundred plus years ago, where the commoners new their place and had no say, and a commitment to our democratically elected parliament, Ourselves.

The cornerstone group and David Jones MP

David Jones is a member of the Cornerstone Group, a rather mad extreme socially conservative group of MPs. The Cornerstone Group has great reservations about things like homosexuality – as indeed does David Jones. I mentioned in previous posts that a London-based journalist recently sent me a list of Westminster figures and other people in public life who are alleged to have been involved in child sexual abuse. One of the members of the Cornerstone Group – not David Jones however – was on that list. Membership of such a group would be by no means incompatible with one being involved with child sexual abuse. Previous posts have discussed the confusion that there seems to have been around homosexuality among some people in north Wales until recently. The North Wales Hospital Denbigh was famed for carrying out aversion therapy on homosexuals long after other institutions had ceased doing it – Denbigh continued to do it after homosexuality had been legalised. Yet Dafydd and Gwynne were facilitating a paedophile ring which mainly targeted boys. The Rev Emyr Owen who dared to be a gay man was framed and imprisoned for allegedly carrying out various acts with penises severed from corpses – acts which would be physiologically impossible (see post ‘Updates, Common Themes And News, May 5 2017’).  Thatcher’s administrations which did so much to conceal child sexual abuse carried out by some members of the Conservative Party was famously homophobic and legislated for Section 28. St David’s Hospital in Bangor along with the other hospitals in north Wales ensured that no woman in the region could access an abortion on the NHS – yet under-aged girls in the children’s home in Bangor were getting pregnant as a result of sexual abuse which was concealed by the colleagues of the Top Doctors of St David’s Laundry (see post ‘The BMA And It’s Ethics’).

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