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BMW drivers


This educational video stars ‘Nigel’

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Big Man Wannabe

Big Moron Wagon

Boozedup Moron Wagon

Bad mannered wankers

Bought My Wife

Break My Window

Break My Windshield

Bavarian Manure Wagon

Beats Most Women

Bite My Weiner

Blows My Wad

Nigels new plate


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11 thoughts on “Sent in by a reader”

  1. Still seething at everyone else?
    You’ll never get anywhere looking and blaming everyone else.
    Pull your finger out and get on with your own life.
    Make your kids proud instead of crinching at your antics.

    1. Thanks for the advice, Mr anonymous, as for blaming everyone else, I think you have missed the point, anything I have been deemed to have done wrong I take full responsibility for, (taking into account the five arrests against me and the raid on my home during 2015 amounted to nothing and no charges brought) but when it comes to the corrupt lying people behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and the undoubted collusion between those people and North wales Police officers, who’s unlawful and spiteful actions, were only concocted to shut me up I will never stop blaming or seething until those concerned get their just deserts.
      As for my life, its good, we run a successful business, a business created by our own hard work, not something daddy gave us, and my kids couldn’t be prouder, can you say the same?

  2. My kids are proud of my wife and I , yours will grow up and see you for what you really are.
    I guess your the chief toilet cleaner of this little business of yours ?
    Do your clients have any idea of what the two of you are really like ?
    Giving you the keys to their properties is a high risk in my opinion if indeed they knew what you are like you’d be out on your ear.
    Anyone who has looked over this obsession of yours will know your plainly jealous of these people as you’ve obviously so little to show for your own life they way you’ve ended so bitter and twisted.
    Your quite clearly mad.


  3. Nice one Richie. Nigel always was a twat back in the days of working at WH Smith, word on the street is his dad had to by him the glodsaeth street shop before he got his p45.

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