Dear Perkie

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Awaiting spam checkMy kids are proud of my wife and I , yours will grow up and see you for what you really are.
I guess your the chief toilet cleaner of this little business of yours ?
Do your clients have any idea of what the two of you are really like ?
Giving you the keys to their properties is a high risk in my opinion if indeed they knew what you are like you’d be out on your ear.
Anyone who has looked over this obsession of yours will know your plainly jealous of these people as you’ve obviously so little to show for your own life they way you’ve ended so bitter and twisted.
Your quite clearly mad.

Thanks for that wonderful insight into my life, its such a shame you have to use anonymity to respond to my blog posts, whether your one of the three trolls who authored the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, a NWPOLICE constable, a Freemason or both, you are clearly more obsessed with me and my life than you are with your own.
To answer a few of your points:

1, no I am not ‘The chief toilet cleaner’, I am the assistant toilet cleaner.

2, as for our clients your childish remarks afford no response.

3, pray tell me what ‘I’m like’, to be out on my ear?

4, As for my ‘obsession’ as you put it, I’m only obsessed with exposing the corruption between North Wales Police officers, Freemasons and the dreadful people behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, all of who we know to be, the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, Dylan Moore the solicitor and partner at David Jones solicitors and Nigel Roberts.

5, of what and who am a jealous?

6, bitter and twisted I’m not, disappointed at the level of corruption between the fore mentioned individuals their Freemason colleagues and North Wales Police I am, and I will persist in getting justice done, one way or the other! (not a threat)

7, as for mad, well maybe I am, I’m mad at the lack of morality, the lack of conscience and the ease at which the for mentioned people and officers of NWPOLICE have sought to abuse their positions, manipulate and break the law and all for their own preservation.

What you must realize is that eventually the worm turns, eventually someone talks, and eventually all of that that I’m campaigning to expose will come out and consequences will have to be faced, history teaches us just that.

You only have to look at the disgusting Gordon Anglesea affair, that took nearly thirty years but eventually the corruption and the cover ups implemented to protect him and others, by North wales Police and politicians like the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, was so great that the establishment had no choice but to hang Anglesea out to dry and why? to protect others higher up committing the sames disgusting acts as himself.

If you believe the Anglesea affair is over with his suspicious death, then you are clearly mistaken.

So by calling me mad, by belittling my business, by trying to rubbish me as a person and by attacking my family all your achieving is to spur me on, if it was not for people like me, people willing to take a stand then people like you will always get away with the most dreadful deeds so please keep responding with your immature and uninformed attitude, I look forward to your next response.

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  1. Your just an unwanted cunt up to no good.
    I’m sure your birth family made the right choice getting rid of you.

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