Dear David

Hello Mr Jones

I am emailing you because of your clear lack of conscience!
As you are fully aware I have for over three years now been pursuing justice for all 46 of your known victims including my family and myself, innocent people you chose to attack for whatever reason, during the seven year period that you and your co authors to your troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ ruled Llandudno’s internet trolling waves.
Early November 2014 I legally recorded you and your co-author to your troll blog during two meetings with my wife and myself, during those meetings it was made very apparent that you are a compulsive liar, that you would go to any lengths to hide your disgraceful and dishonest behavior from the public and the Tory party and that you definitely contributed to/authored the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.
As a consequence of these recordings you vowed in a telephone call to Guto Bebb, that you “intend to have my wife and myself arrested and you would create as much harm to my family as possible”.
Well you certainly gave it a good try.
In early 2015 you had a meeting at Police HQ in Colwyn bay with your fellow Freemason Superintendent John Hanson, accompanying you were Dylan Moore, one of your co-authors to that blog and Ruby Williams.
During that meeting Hanson asked you if you wanted me arrested following your meeting, you declined but stated very soon, I have a recording that clearly supports what I have stated and shall be making that recording public in the near future.
On 03-05-2015 you accused me of an obscure electoral offence, section 106 of the 1983 representation of the peoples act, an offense so obscure that even the incompetent fools within North Wales Police that you supplied the details of this offence too couldn’t arrest me correctly.
This post is what you said proves my guilt,
Basically only a solicitor/MP would have any knowledge of said offence as it had seldom been used and successfully only once, as everything I stated in this post was true and had been said publicly before, the arrest was unfounded and illegal, hence my legal action against North Wales Police.
Consequently after five months on bail, no further action was taken.
Quite cleverly thought two days after being informed of the NFA decision, my wife and myself were arrested  and our home raided, for allegedly violently harassing Dylan Moore, Nigel and Wendy Roberts and Your self (all those responsable for the authorship of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’).
The police statements that all four of you submitted at the same time were so full of lies that they easily proved the innocence of both my wife and myself hence the reason for the return of our goods and shackles and No Further Action taken.
Additionally North Wales Police used the section 4 violent harassment offence as an excuse for ‘A fishing trip’, an illegal search in an attempt to find evidence of my guilt for acts of vandalism to cars belonging to Nigel and Wendy Roberts and Dylan Moore.
They failed, as I am innocent of any wrong doing.
But the damage had been done, you had caused us inconvenience and scared our children, especially our autistic son, you had lived up to your promise to Guto Bebb during that earlier telephone call.
Your used you Freemason contacts within North wales Police to help concoct those arrests, you lied and manipulated the law, and for what?
To protect you from being exposed as the lying Freemason internet troll you are.
The purpose of this E-Mail is this:
To make you aware that I am not going away and despite your connections, your lies and your clear lack of conscience, I will continue in my quest to expose you for the dreadful little person you are.
One day Mr Jones your despicable corrupt behavior will catch you up, you will be splashed all over the tabloids, your so-called good name will be dragged through the mire and you will have to face the wrath of justice.
Everything thing I do Jones is legal, I hold my head up high knowing that.
Regards Richie Windmill