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Superintendent Rob Kirman, sacked

You may remember Kirman from this artical:

Yep Kirman has a habit of lying and covering up unlawful actions by fellow police officers. When Nia killed the Deer whilst speeding, Kirman and his mate superintendent Mark Owen, Nia’s husband covered up the incident.


Ex-superintendent Rob Kirman will be sentenced on February 19 over common assault, criminal damage and a public order offence

Since my unwanted involvement with the corrupt institution otherwise known as North Wales Police I am amazed at how many officers have either been quietly sacked or quietly conveniently retired off.

I’m astounded by the amount of lies North Wales Police Officers cast around, whether it be in official statements or otherwise to either achieve a conviction or cover up wrong doings.

I’m flabbergasted that despite hundreds of complaints made about the authority and its officers (2017 saw over 350 alone), their professional standards department uphold around three percent, but then that department is staffed by ex police officers and headed by one of the most corrupt individuals I have had to deal with Superintendent John Hanson.

What surprises me the most is how heavily influenced North wales Police are by Freemasons such as the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, how partially they police when they so choose and how little conscience they show when they know their actions are illegal.

North Wales Police are very insular almost incestuous and have a very cavalier attitude toward how they enforce the law, neighboring Police Forces such as Merseyside Police Force, refer to North Wales Police as the Viet Taff, they neither like working along side them on their patch nor having officers  sent into North Wales to assist.

Ex-Superintendent Rob Kirman is a shining, typical example of how easily North wales Police Officers flaunt the law, it’s unfortunate for Kirman that his actions were caught on camera otherwise North Wales Police would have sought to keep the complainants quiet and brush the incident under the carpet, as is the norm.

On the first of March 2018 there will be a misconduct hearing held at North Wales Police HQ into Kirmans behavior, because of lack of space I would advice anyone wanting to attend to be there a good half hour early, as I will be.