Unintentional my arse

North Wales Police

The gift that keeps giving.

The one UK police force that continually cocks up, it’s bloody embarrassing, well that is at least to local people.

Time after time we read about NWPOLICE officers, involved with corruption, lying, illegal home raids, illegal searches, protecting internet trolls, Freemason involved cover ups, protecting an MP (David Jones of Clwyd West), from prosecution, fabricating evidence, criminal damage, rape, child stalking, harassment, identity theft, illegal use of the police national computer system, tapping up Judges and magistrates, theft, pedophilia the list goes on.

This is a force so heavily effected by its incestuous relationship with the secretive order of Free Masonry and its political hierarchy (David Jones MP) in the North Wales area that a solution to its obvious inherent problems from the top down can only be resolved by a complete overhaul of its senior and middle management.

We have a Chief Constable and assistant Chief Constable that are both Freemasons.

We have had Chief superintendents who were pedophiles and Freemasons, as in the case of the late Gordon Anglesea

We have superintendents involved in criminal activity and cover ups, some of who are also Freemasons, as is the case with superintendent John Hanson, who is in charge of their professional standards department and oversaw the cover up of North Wales Police forces involvement with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, a troll blog headed by the Freemason MP for Clwyd West David Jones.

We have inspectors with no moral fiber who willing authorize illegal raids on private premises, such is the case of Inspector Emma Naughton.

We have inspectors who are also Freemasons, such as Inspector Ian Verburg, who is second in command alongside superintendent John Hanson at NWPOLICES professional standards department.

Then we have Sargents and plods who are also Freemasons and are happy to lie in official police statements to try and obtain a dodgy conviction, such is the case of PC 1854 Gary James.

These are but a few of the officers I personally have had dealings with, dealings that have never led to a charge or conviction against me, because they were fabricated in an effort to stop me pursuing the people responsible for the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, namely the MP for Clwyd West, David Jones, and to prevent me from publicly proving how heavily these and other officers were involved with that blog and its illegal activities.

Now we have this report of North Wales Police supporting armed teachers in schools, NWPOLICE say their support of a tweet made my Donald Trump was an accident, they said that about deliberately strip searching a 15 year old and the deliberate killing of a dog, how the heck are we the general public supposed to have faith in a force so steeped in corruption, corrupt activities and officers who exude such stupidity.


North Wales Police ‘like’ of Trump tweet ‘unintentional’

  • 23 February 2018
Trump/North Wales Police montageImage copyrightREUTERS/NORTH WALES POLICE

North Wales Police has said a “like” of a controversial tweet by President Donald Trump on its rural crime team’s Twitter account was “unintentional”.

The “like” of the tweet calling for some US school teachers to be armed was removed from the social media site on Friday morning.

It had been up since Thursday afternoon.

A force spokesman said the “like” does not represent any endorsement.

Rural Crime Team "like" Trump tweetImage copyrightTWITTER

Mr Trump’s tweet, which said: “A ‘gun free’ school is a magnet for bad people. ATTACKS WOULD END!”, was one of a series in which he called for concealed weapons to be given to “gun adept” teachers as a deterrent.

It follows the school shooting in Florida last week which left 17 people dead.

The force’s rural crime team told the Daily Post newspaper in January that it was curtailing its Twitter activity after becoming “overwhelmed” by the volume of questions and comments.

North Wales Police added that the “accidental like” was taken down “as soon as the team was made aware”.