Caught but not out

Kirman’s pension

Despite ex superintendent Rob Kirman’s recent conviction and subsequent misconduct hearing he is still allowed to receive his full police pension, surely this is not right.

Kirman’s actions on the 12th of August 2017, which eventually led to him being convicted, took six  months (19-02-2018) to come to court and Kirman conveniently resigned from the corrupt institution that is North Wales Police on 15-01-2018.

Kirman made a deal with his superiors to resign quietly before his convictions and to carry the can for his partner the foul mouthed police civilian worker. Paula Vaughan Smith, who was equally instrumental in the attack against the taxi driver tasked with getting them home.

If any other member of the public was arrested for the identical actions of these two idiots firstly we they would have been arrested and escorted to custody, spent the night in the cells then charged.

Kirman and Smith were not arrested and were allowed to go home by the two North Wales Plods attending the incident, why?

Kirman and Smith would have been charged the following morning when they were sober, given bail conditions and released from custody, none of this happened, why?

A pre- trial hearing would have been the next step, that would have happened within a month of the incident, it didn’t, why?

North wales Police are a disgrace they police partially and do everything to protect their own, Kirman and Smith would never have faced prosecution if the taxi drivers car did not have CCTV, the incident would have quietly been swept under the carpet and these two disgraceful human beings would still be enjoying the benefits of their well paid jobs and the protection of their superiors, it is bloody scandalous.

After 24 years of service Kirman’s pension will be significant, a pension he should rightly have lost, a pension the tax payer will have to fund until his death.

Kirman should not have been allowed to resign, he should have been suspended without pay while a thorough investigation was conducted, resulting in his dismissal from the force for Gross misconduct, as has been the case with junior officers employed by North Wales Police for lesser offences.

Had that been the case Kirman would have lost his pension.

Because of his and Smiths disgraceful and violent actions North Wales Police knew a conviction was inevitable, they never conducted an investigation until after Kirman’s court appearance, they allowed him to continue working on full pay until a deal was manufactured to protect him and Smith from internal loss, then only after Kirman’s resignation in January 2018, North Wales Police made matters public.

I’m in the process of obtaining information that will hopefully prove Kirman was a member of ‘Custodis Pacis’, North Wales Police’s very own Freemason Lodge, if this proves to be the case it helps answer the many questions asked in this post.