Arfon Jones, Freemason

North Wales Police Commissioner

There for the protection of North Wales Police, Freemasons & pedophiles.

Why can’t we get honesty and complete transparency from the people highly paid to provide us with exactly that?

Arfon Jones’ role as North Wales Police Commissioner among’st other things is to be transparent and help members of the public who have genuine grievances with North Wales Police and representative officers.

The reality of this ex police Officer and his highly paid role is quite different, what people like him are supposed to do and how people like him are supposed to behave is an entirely personal and often beneficial thing!

People like Arfon Jones are more interested in keeping their bent and quite often sexually perverted  counterparts ‘sweet’, thus looking after their over generous salary’s, than assisting aggrieved members of the public.

Arfon Jones was the North Wales Police driver who ferried the late pedophile superintendent Gordon Anglesea to Bryn Estyn and other local institutions where young boys were held for whatever reasons, once there, the sick perverted Anglesea would freely sexually and physically abuse these boys without fear of recrimination.

When Arfon Jones was asked to explain his involvement with Anglesea this was his response:

NORTH WALES Police Commissioner Arfon Jones has declined to answer Rebecca questions about his role in the Gordon Anglesea affair. Jones, a former North Wales Police inspector, won’t say why he allowed Anglesea’s widow to keep half of his pension without consulting the Home Office. Nor will he explain why his damning testimony against Anglesea in last autumn’s trial did not feature in the hearings of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal in 1996-97. And he won’t say if he made a statement when North Wales Police originally investigated abuse allegations against Anglesea in the early 1990s …

I recently sent the following e-mail to Mr Jones:

Dear Mr Jones

I would be grateful for an appointment with yourself to discuss issues I have with the police authority you represent, North Wales Police.
I am the chairperson for the group known as VOO (Victims of Oscar), I represent 46 individuals who have dire concerns regarding North Wales Police and the way the Oscar blog investigation was conducted and concluded, these concerns are something I would assume your office would been keen to address, as is part of your purpose.
My family and I have been subject to injustice by North wales Police and would be grateful for the support of your office.
As your office acts independently and exists to hold the chief constable accountable to the electorate a meeting between yourself, members of VOO and myself would fall directly into your remit, as per your website:

The Commissioner has four main duties, which are to:

  • Set out the priorities for policing in North Wales
  • Decide the budget for North Wales Police
  • Hold the Chief Constable to account, and to
  • Listen and respond to your views on policing

In order to fulfil these duties, the Commissioner has a range of powers and responsibilities including:

  • Being accountable to the electorate and representing the public in policing matters
  • Preparing a Police and Crime Plan which sets out the strategic direction and objectives for policing in North Wales
  • Setting the policing ‘precept’, which is the part of local council tax that goes towards policing
  • Working with partners to prevent and tackle crime and re-offending
  • Holding the Force to account, through the Chief Constable, for the delivery of police services
  • Appointing and, if necessary, dismissing the Chief Constable
  • Overseeing complaints against North Wales Police
  • Commissioning community safety services and projects in the area
  • Ensuring that public priorities are acted upon, victims are consulted and that the most vulnerable individuals are not overlooked
  • Ensuring value for money

I eagerly wait your anticipated response

Mr R Windmill
Here’s his reply:
True to form, my e-mail and subsequent request was completely ignored.
There is so much we do not know about elected individuals like Arfon Jones, the skeletons they keep well hidden from the public eye, if revealed, would I’m sure repulse the hardest of minds.
How can we trust in these kind of individuals when they do everything they can to close doors that when opened are likely, at the very least, to make them feel uncomfortable? do they give a damn about us when they use their influence to trample all over our lives for their own self preservation or the preservation of their dodgy hand shaking mates, as is the case of Freemasons?
Here are three examples of how that organisation has for years protected human filth from prosecution:

Gordon Anglesea, NWPolice superintendent and Freemason

Sexual deviant who for thirty years abused young boys.

Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys, Freemason.

Hurriedly retired off in 2015 after he is exposed of lying and protecting the influential author (David Jones MP) of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar.


David Jones MP, Freemason, author of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

This disgusting little worm is akin to Hitler, he walks over the lives of innocent people with no remorse, caring nothing for the damage he creates, I personally have never experienced a more disgusting individual in my 54 years.