Robbing bastards

Don’t do as we do, do as we say

Arfon Jones and North Wales Police want a rise in our council tax by 3.58% in order that the force can afford another 43 officers.

Whether we see this increase in officers is another thing altogether, after all who is going to question and or prove this increase in police officers? or more likely PCSO’s?

Last November NWPOLICE wasted £21,000 on a public confidence survey, a survey that only canvased the middle classes and farming community’s, resulting in a very biased outcome:

NWPOLICE conclude the public have confidence

Yep a certain select section of the public were canvased, not the grass route communities that require a balanced and good police service who instead receive the opposite.

That £21,000 would have paid for another officer.

The Chief constables expenses

Here is a small section of Polin’s DECLARED expenses during 2010, you may note he likes his comforts at our expense.

A one night stay in a LUXURY hotel cost you and me £566.88, why couldn’t he use a Travel Lodge costing £30.00?

Another one night stay in a luxury hotel cost you and me £646.26, why couldn’t he use a Travel Lodge costing £30.00?

Polin has cost the tax payer tens of thousands of pounds over his reign as Chief Constable, most of which could have been saved by using budget accommodation, with the saved money being diverted toward taking GOOD care of the public.

If we factor in the over exorbitant expenses of the DCC and other senior officers having jolly’s at our expense, and moneys wasted on NWPolices regular cock ups, (like the recent house raids in Conwy or the house raid in Anglesea (the wrong address) or the illegal house raids (as in our case) made to placate the idiot MP DAVID JONES there would be no need what so ever to raise our already high council tax bills to cover the waste made by this incredibly dysfunctional police force.

North Wales Police precept rise to pay for new officers

Welsh police officersImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES

The charge for North Wales Police is set to go up by 3.58% in a move the police and crime commissioner said would fund extra officers.

PCC Arfon Jones said the cash would pay for an extra 43 officers and staff and safeguard 15 police officers’ jobs.

The increase would see the average band D home pay an extra £9.09 a year.

Mr Jones said reserves were “stable and healthy” and the extra money would be used for extra expenditure in 2018-19.

North Wales Police and Crime Panel will decide on the plan at a meeting on 22 January.

In December, the Home Office said North Wales Police’s budget would rise from £143m in 2017-18 to £147m in 2018-19.

But Mr Jones said this amounted to a £2.1m cut when inflation was taken into account.

The force is in the process of making £7m worth of budget cuts by 2020.

Mr Jones added: “The level of the precept is crucial to the effectiveness of the force in keeping north Wales a safe place to live, work and visit and setting it is one of my principal responsibilities.

“Last year we employed an additional 46 new people and this year we will employ 43 more, many of whom will free more officers for frontline duties.”