Mark Polin’s true colours

The outgoing Chief Constable

On the fourth of this month I attended the annual AGM of the North Wales Police and crime commission, in attendance were many councilors from the North Wales area, the police and crime commissioner, Arfon Jones, the out going Chief Constable Mark Polin and the local press.

My reason for attending was not to listen to many of these back slapping idiots telling each other what a ‘great job themselves and the police are doing’ but to confront Polin and Arfon Jones and question them about their inability to police impartially, about the extent of corruption running through the North Wales Police force, from the top down and the extremely high level of influence the Freemasons have over policing decisions.

I was not there on my own, I had also attended to support Mr David Service, a seventy nine year old gentleman who sadly lost his wife, Mrs Celia Service, on the 16th of April 2012.

Mrs Service was shopping with their daughter when a powerful Jaguar car driven by a Mr Geoffrey Read  who at the time was 90 years old ploughed into them both.

Mrs Service was without doubt unlawfully killed and North Wales Police sought to protect Mr Read.

Despite many letters to both Mark Polin and more importantly the police and crime commissioner, Arfon Jones, the man employed to hold the police to account, Mr Service has never received a response or been allowed to be heard.

This AGM was the perfect place for both Mr Service and myself to be heard, whether those in attendance wanted to listen or not.

Attached is the full recording of what happened, please pay close attention to Mark Polin’s response when Mr Service tries to confront him.

Councillor Julie Fallon Smith, who herself was abused by the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, along with her family, tries her best to shut Mr Service up.

Fallon Smith is a disgrace and shows no sympathy for Mr Service or the circumstances surrounding the unlawful death of his wife or the injuries suffered by his daughter.

As a mother & wife, Fallon Smith should have been more sympathetic to Mr Service’s cause, but she was more concerned with getting the meeting back on track & only one of the many councilors in attendance offer’s her condolences to Mr Service as she & all the other councilors & police officials abandoned the meeting; not one apart from this lady could look at Mr Service, sometimes the truth hurts.

More to follow!