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North Wales Police have been immersed in the practices of corruption, pedophilia and Freemason influenced decision making for very many years, for those of us that have endured this forces lies and disgraceful cover ups, you would think that the news that the head of the organisation is to retire, might bring a glimmer of hope, hope that the incoming Chief Constable will bring with him/her a strong moral compass and a large brush to sweep away the filth within it’s ranks.

Unfortunately history has taught us that is a virtual impossibility.

Mark Polin, the outgoing Chief Constable is moving on to a more lucrative life as  Chairman of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board at the start of September, not only receiving a huge Police pension at our cost but enjoying a large salary in his new position.

This man is a career copper and like most career coppers having a conscience an good sense morality just impedes your chances of promotion.

Polin started his police career with the City Of London Police a force historically governed by corruption and Freemasons: http://www.cityoflondonpolicecorruption.co.uk/





Being a Freemason and a police officer all but guaranteed promotion, so long as the masonic officer stood by this sacred vow:

The Masonic oath.

You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons…and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him…It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations.

Sworn by all Freemasons, including Mark Polin.

As a young police officer in the 80’s and  a member of the Freemasonic society, Polin was on the right track for success, but at what cost to the life’s of innocent people, Polin walked all over, to achieve his goals?

Polin has been NWPolice’s Chief Constable since 2009, in that time he has been responsable for one miscarriage of justice after another:

  • The debacle of a case during 2010 that resulted in a bill to the tax payer of over £20,000000, a case which will be publicly highlighted by those it concerns, soon.
  • Mark Polin and some of his senior officers covered up the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ affair, a local troll blog used by NWPolice as an intel tool. Polin deliberately protected it’s authorship, namely the MP for Clwyd West, David Jones, Jones’ business partner Dylan Moore and the publishers of the blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, Nigel and Wendy Roberts. Four people guilty of an immense amount of serious crimes, including stalking, harassment and homophobia.
  • Polin has allowed his officers to illegally manipulate and administer the law to protect fellow Freemasons, both serving officers, retired officers, MP’s and local business men.
  • Mark Polin authorised the unlawful arrests of my wife and myself, because I sought to expose the corruption that involved officers beneath him, the MP for Clwyd West, David Jones, Dylan Moore and the publishers of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, Nigel and Wendy Roberts. Arrests that led to nothing because we were and are innocent and having innocent people in court for crimes, based on evidence that was clearly untrue, would have meant NWPolice, the MP for Clwyd West along with Dylan Moore and the Roberts’ attempting to defend the most ridiculous lies. Our arrests were a warning, one I have completely ignored, I have never succumbed to bullies, no matter how powerful a position they hold.
  • Mark Polin authorised three further arrests against me, for much the same reasons, these alleged crimes I had supposedly committed and the claims against me to justify the arrests, were all dropped!!
  • Mark Polin authorised a raid on my home and the confiscation of goods and shackles including our children’s toys, this raid was born out of frustration, the illegal arrests came to nothing, so they went of a ‘fishing trip’, an illegal house search to try and find evidence of crimes committed by my wife and I! Seven weeks later goods were returned, some damaged and allegations made against us to justify the search were withdrawn. Even the dimmest of folk can see that NWPolice and their masonic friends were clutching at straws in a very desperate effort to shut me up.
  • Mark Polin authorised the bugging of my phones and our home, all to protect the people I’ve previously mentioned and his corrupt force, embarrassingly for NWPolice this was a further waste of tax payers money.
  • Worst of all, Mark Polin is responsable for the dreadful cover up surrounding the death of Mrs Celia Service in April 2012, Mrs Service and her daughter were run into by a powerful jaguar car driven by a 90 year old Freemason and close neighbor of David Jones MP, Mr Jeffrey Read, Read was completely conscious at the time of the incident, despite claims by NWPolice to the contrary, compelling evidence ignored by Polin and his Masonic officers clearly supports this. Mr Read was never breathalyzed and never officially interviewed. Mrs Services husband recently confronted Mark Polin at North Wales Police crime and commissioners AGM, held at Bodlondebb in Conwy and all Polin could say before he walked away, without looking at Mr Service, was, ‘your telling me things I’ve already looked into’.


Why have none of the illegal actions I have highlighted never been published by our local press?

The Daily Post, North Wales Weekly News or the Pioneer.

Because they are gutless.


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  1. Good evening, the name’s Rico, Ste Rico.
    I am scheduling a meeting between yourself and Mr Craig Ollerton this coming Saturday July 14th, 13:00hrs, Ocean’s Bar, Llandudno pier head. Considering I have travelled over 7000 miles to be here, I have given Mr Ollerton five days to make his way up here from Cardiff. His expenses will be reimbursed by myself.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Steve/Rico,
      Lovely to hear from you, why would you want to arrange a meeting between myself & Mr Ollerton? By saying you’ve given Mr Ollerton 5 days that sounds like a threat, perhaps you should be more careful with your wording, just a little bit of advise. I understand you’ve been stalking the neighbourhood looking for me!! Caught on cctv, if it’s me you wish to meet with, be a man & say so, I’ve nothing to hide & am more than capable of speaking for myself.
      Mr Ollerton is an associate of mine, why you would wish to for me & him to meet makes no sense?
      Kind Regards,

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