The return of Urinal head

Steve ‘Rico’ Davies

Nigel Roberts mate Steve Davies has apparently paid a visit home! this is the creep that hosted the troll blogs run by Nigel Roberts and David Jones MP, from America, making it more difficult for the authorities to prosecute for the vile and untrue information they published about members of VOO, (victims of Oscar).

Not for one moment do I believe North wales Police would lift a finger to trace and or prosecute these disgusting fools.

Last Monday evening this hapless internet troll payed a visit to one of my neighbors at around 6pm, thinking he was visiting my home, he was aggressive toward my neighbor, stating “your Windmill, I hear your looking for me”, my neighbor sent him away with a bloody large flea in his ear.

at around 8pm the same evening I received this comment sent into my blog:

Ste Rico
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Awaiting spam checkGood evening, the name’s Rico, Ste Rico.
I am scheduling a meeting between yourself and Mr Craig Ollerton this coming Saturday July 14th, 13:00hrs, Ocean’s Bar, Llandudno pier head. Considering I have travelled over 7000 miles to be here, I have given Mr Ollerton five days to make his way up here from Cardiff. His expenses will be reimbursed by myself.Thank you.

Quite bizarre, don’t you think?

This is the kind of mentality exuded by fifty plus year old men (in David Jones’ case 60 plus) a mentality most bullies would have left behind in the play ground as they matured through the years.

But not in the case of the cowardly anonymous bullies who penned the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, after that blogs forced demise they went on to pen several other troll blogs for the sole purpose of attacking my family, myself and all the other innocent folk they chose to harass and malign anonymously.

North Wales Police, having been instrumental in both the protection of the ‘Oscar’ troll blog and its authors, especially  David Jones MP, North Wales Police were and still are completely uninterested in prosecuting this filth, so reporting their illegal and offensive activities has become pointless.

In effect these unconscionable people have been given carte blanche to do as they please.

It’s a worrying state of affairs when you cannot get the help of your local Police force, to stop these horrendous internet trolls from making your life a misery, but sadly such is the case. Here in North Wales, we have a police force that has been historically blighted with corruption, pedophilia and Freemasons, the same continues to this day.

So back to ‘Rico’ (I think this fool has over indulged in Mafia style movies). This is my reply to his weird message:

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Awaiting spam checkIn reply to Ste Rico.Hello Steve/Rico,
Lovely to hear from you, why would you want to arrange a meeting between myself & Mr Ollerton? By saying you’ve given Mr Ollerton 5 days that sounds like a threat, perhaps you should be more careful with your wording, just a little bit of advise. I understand you’ve been stalking the neighborhood looking for me!! Caught on cctv, if it’s me you wish to meet with, be a man & say so, I’ve nothing to hide & am more than capable of speaking for myself.
Mr Ollerton is an associate of mine, why you would wish to for me & him to meet makes no sense?
Kind Regards,

Eagerly awaiting the next installment.

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  1. Trojan is a nobody nutter, plays off one person against another for his own jollies. other locals got the blame for his online stirring a few years back.

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