North Wales Police and PC Plonker

PC 2482 Robert (plonker) Williams pulled my wife over and demanded her details despite the fact she had broken no laws, in fact he pulled her over because he says he saw me, the passenger, give him the ‘dick head sign’ then changes his mind and says I gave him the ‘wanker sign’.

PC 2482 Robert ‘plonker’ Williams, realising he was in the wrong then decides to do a full vehicle check on my wife’s car, after all this desperate little numptey needs to justify his illegal actions.

Sadly for PC 2482 Robert ‘Plonker’ Williams, he has to leave empty handed, but only when I have educated him on the law.

PC plonker then sees that Mr Creamer is over the road watching the incident, he scurries over to Mr Creamer, exclaiming that he was not hassling us, despite the fact he clearly was, why would he do that?

I think PC 2482 Robert plonker Williams is afraid he will make an appearance on Mr Creamers excellent blog ‘Michael Creamer vs the mob’.

PC Plonker