EX PC Mike Smith

PC Mike Smith has been charged with fraud, he will appear at Llandudno magistrates court on the 18th of this month.

Another bent North Wales Police Officer.

I wonder if his horrible corrupt wife and Councillor Julie Fallon Smith will attend?

The same woman that tried to belittle Mr David Service when he stood up and confronted the then North Wales Police Chief Cunstable, Mark Polin over the unlawful of his late wife Mrs Celia Service.

What goes around eventually comes around…..

I implore my readers to attend the hearing.

1 thought on “EX PC Mike Smith”

  1. hes not the only corrupt officer what about dcandy pembleton and dc harvey jones they frame innocent people to get collars even when there are no witnesses or dna evidene there sargent is too week to reprimand them his name is tony underhill .i hve reported them but as usual theres a cover up.remeber officers parkinson cleared of several rapes some happend at rhyl custody suite and gordon angleton who abused boys for over 30 years only sentenced a few days before he died of old age all protected by north wales police

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