Ex DC Shaun Parry


This individual is now employed at, https://www.eurocell.co.uk/branch-finder/mochdre

Members of the public have become increasingly concerned that Eurocell, a reputable national company, have employed this disgraceful ex DC, and complaints have been submitted to this blog, I find myself questioning their DBS checking system/recruitment policy.

Isn’t it strange how so many police Officers sacked by North Wales Police, in this case, find themselves in highly paid and responsable positions!

On the 18th of this month ex PC Mike Smith, appears in Llandudno Magistrates Court charged with fraud, yet immediately after being dismissed/forced to resign from the force he finds a position of great responsibility, responsibility involved with sales, with the international brewing company Coors

A lot of ladies attend the premises of where the unsavory character Shaun Parry, now works as a branch manager, why would you employ someone who was sacked from North Wales Police for acting inappropriately towards females?

My filmed and recorded conversation regarding this disgusting corrupt ex NWP officer, will be published shortly.