Actions don’t have consequences…..apparently.

North Wales Police

How does this work?

Deliberately run over, two witnesses, CCTV evidence and a recorded admission by the assailant.

North Wales Police say, “No further action”.

So where to begin?

The Starring characters:

Mrs Marian James, 60 Fairways, the assailant.

Mr Christopher James, 60 Fairways, the coppers narc.

Master Thomas James, 60 Fairways, the thief.

The background History

For nearly seven years we have put up with harassment from the above family, the continuous barking of their 5 poor dogs kept in outside runs all year round, the ridiculous monopolisation of the limited car parking by their six cars, with no concern for all their neighbours, persistent fouling of their 5 dogs, fouling that is never cleaned up, and the stupid actions of Christoper, blowing a dog whistle on the estate to get his dogs back after releasing them so they can defecate all over the golf course and surroundings.

We have never complained until recently and only when their behaviour became more erratic, the reason for our tolerance has been because Marian James’ sister is our landlord.

The climax

On the 23rd of November 2018 I tried to leave my property to pick up our children, Marian James had deliberately parked behind my wife’s car and our friends car, blocking both cars in.

Not wishing to cause a fuss we tried to maneuver both cars without asking the ginger ninja to move her van back so as to allow us room to maneuver safely.

After managing to get my wife’s car free we tried to release our friends car but to no avail, Marian James stormed behind us jumped in her van and reversed at speed, freeing space for our friend, the next thing I know is Marian throttled her car forward and ran me over deliberately.

Enter North Wales Police

Despite undeniable CCTV evidence and a concrete witness statement after 10 weeks North Wales Police decided NFA.

The coppers

PC 3222 Elin Lloyd Williams

PC 3192 Adam Sargent

PS 822 Simon Hughes

Nearly three years on and North Wales Police’s partial policing continues!!

Our solicitors are about to conclude a civil case which will result in Marian James paying a substantial amount of compensation, then civil action in the courts will follow.

Coming soon, North Wales Police refuse to prosecute a Traffic Warden for discrimination against my disabled son, they say in a recorded conversation that discrimination is a civil matter.

Recordings to be published with the post…..

2 thoughts on “Actions don’t have consequences…..apparently.”

  1. north wales police are corrupt.i reported one for having child porn then i was threatend with being put in prison i still persisted and they lied and made false charges against me i spent 7 months in prison and when out told if i told anyone they would plant white powder/cocaine in my house and i would get a long sentence andy pembleton and harsey-jones sargent tony underhill are the 3 officers should be sacked

  2. Is this the family who think they own the golf course and let there pack of dogs crap all over it, if so tthere a menace, those poor dogs bark all day and night in all weathers.

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