Georgina Schofield, AKA Georgie, AKA the smiling assassin…..

Ms Schofield conspired with North Wales Police to have me arrested for violently harassing her, a complete and utter lie, see my last post!!

As a result of my last post I received the following email:

Dear Mr Windmill,

I am contacting you with regards a report having been made about a blog which has appeared on ‘Conwy Llandudno Local’; NWP occurrence reference 21000444645 of which I am the Officer in case for.

Enquiries have indicated that it may be yourself that runs, operates and uploads the content to this blog, and as such I would welcome an opportunity to discuss a particular post with you if you are the ‘poster’ of the content, or have control over the content of the site.

In order to ensure I discuss matters with the most appropriate person, would you be able to confirm by reply if you are in fact the person who owns and operates this particular blog and as such are the person to speak to or of not, who would be if known.  

Kind regards

James Waldron

cid:image001.png@01D6F4C1.B1ADEF40 3649 James Waldron
Heddwas | Police Officer Rota 4 Llandudno | Llandudno Rota 4Heddlu Gogledd Cymru | North Wales Police
📞 – | 07929 864 026

3649 Waldron visited my home address, in his words he says: ‘Ms Schofield is upset that you have put her on your blog, I’m making a polite request for you to remove the post’

My polite reply, ‘no, it’s all in the public domain and has been previously’, ‘stop wasting my time and go away’.

North Wales Police allowed the poison pen letter blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’ to torment, lie about and exploit innocent folk, local businesses, disabled children, cancer suffers and all local politicians accept its main author, the MP for Clwyd West, David Jones.

Despite many complaints about the blog and it’s authorship North Wales Police never once acted against the blog or those responsible, why, because North Wales Police were involved with much of that vile blogs content.

Much more to follow regarding Ms Schofield and her colleague Michael…..

Michael lies about the use of a blue card and discriminates against a disabled child, North Wales Police say that discrimination against a disabled person is a civil matter, not criminal. The former has all been recorded and will be published soon.