Once a stalker and a grass…..always a stalker and a grass.

Nigel Roberts, the internet troll and NWPOLICE grass is at it again!

As per my last post I got a 3 months suspended sentence because the judge had no alternative! However Nigel Roberts has taken to stalking myself and my family, today he followed us from Aldi, we were able to loose him on Conwy road only to find him waiting for us on Gloddaeth Avenue.

To explain that’s the road we live on, anyway he was in front of us and pulled over to the left, forcing us to overtake him, as we went by he was filming us.

why would he do that? simple, he was hoping I would be offensive, maybe give him the finger, then his palls in NWPOLICE police would arrest me for a section 5 public order offence which would trigger my suspended sentence.

This is clear harassment, entrapment and stalking.

I reported this to NWPOLICE in the full knowledge they will do nothing to stop this disgusting trolls behaviour, but we live in hope.

Nigel Roberts, internet troll, NWPOLICE informer, stalker and a very sick individual.