When I started blogging it was a way of me putting something down on pen and paper, so to speak, that was relevant to my family and I, something that maybe my grand kids could read when I’ve left this life, something good, if not a little humorous.

But then came the ‘Thoughts of ‘Oscar Blog’ and its vile attacks against innocent folk.

When the people responsible for that blog decided my family and I were fair game, all because I had published a post on my blog which praised the efforts of PC Mike Smith, a North Wales Police officer who had handled an assault against my young daughter with great professionalism.

Unbeknown to me the authors of the ‘Oscar’ blog had a long running grudge with PC Smith and his family, so decided I was a worthy target, and all because I had published an honest kind appraisal of the man.

These internet trolls attacked my wife, my children, my employer and questioned my integrity, all over the internet.

They then went on to stalk my wife and children, they stole photographs from her social media accounts and used them in the most offensive manner to cause us as much upset as possible.

We complained to North Wales Police, who basically told us to go away, there was nothing they could do.

Eventually the ‘Oscar’ blog was forced to close after it was exposed in the House Of Commons on 09-09-2014, as a result a police investigation was ordered, that investigation was overseen by DSI John Hanson of North Wales Police.

The many victims of that blog were interviewed, these self same victims provided Hanson with huge amounts of documented evidence, evidence of homophobic hate crimes, hate crimes against the disabled, the theft of deceased peoples identities which the blogs authors used to attack the relatives of and an incredible amount of evidence of harassment.

We knew the police would arrest those responsible as the evidence was so damning, but the police didn’t, they concluded that ALL THIS EVIDENCE DID NOT CROSS THE THRESHOLD FOR PROSECUTION, they lied.

After a private investigation by a very well respected private investigator (Mr Mike Naughton, from Lewis Legal), it became apparent that there was more to the ‘Oscar’ blog than we realised.

Both Mr Naughton and ourselves discovered that the blog was authored by the MP for Clwyd West and disgraced ex Welsh Secretary for State, David Ian Jones. We have a covert recording that proves this without any doubt.

We also discovered that the ‘Oscar’ blog was co-authored by several others, those include, Dylan Moore, solicitor and business partner to David Jones, Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents & police informer. In addition, Ruby Williams a retired Journalist from Craig y Don & Chris Drew, a former member of the old police commission contributed to the blog along with several others.

We also proved that North Wales Police used the ‘Oscar’ blog as an intel tool, Roberts who’s main role for the blog was publisher, would pass information to the police and in turn publish information given to him by the police, information used to besmirch the reputations of individuals they the police were trying to get unsound convictions against.

We discovered that the very same officers that told all the complainants of that blog, that they had no knowledge of the blog or its authors deliberately lied.

Inspector Ian Verburg, now admits he was fully aware of the individuals behind the blog as early as 2010, yet when my wife & I took our concerns to North Wales Police on 03-03-2013 he told the interviewing officer to tell us he had no knowledge of the blog or its authors, he lied.

The interviewing officers WPC  1555 Lisa Jones, records in her own statement of that interview that she told us she had never heard of the blog or its authors, she lied, in 2009 she interviewed Ms Lynn Smith, who had complained to North Wales Police about the ‘Oscar’ blog. We have the statement.

Ex Cheif Superintendent Simon Humphrey’s in 2014 denied any knowledge of the ‘Oscar’ blog, yet we have an email from Nigel Roberts the blogs publisher to the MP for Aberconwy, Guto Bebb, dated 09-09-2014, stating that he had informed Humphrey’s back in 2010 of his involvement with the ‘Oscar’ blog.

All the individuals I have mentioned with the exception of Ruby Williams are Freemasons.

What I am giving you here is the tip of the iceberg, it is all documented and supported evidentially.

This blog has been born, because of the obvious corruption and collusion between these and other individuals, it has come to be because of the persecution my family, myself and many of the other people affected by these people have had to endure.

All we want is the truth and for those responsible to be punished.

If you read this blog you are not going to have the literary experience of a life time, I openly admit I am no writer, but in my defence I am dyslexic.