Police corruption. a must watch

Sickening I thought I was past being surprised by the levels of corruption that run through our police forces from the very top down. This interview is a must watch for all. People like me who have endured North Wales Police corruption at it’s worse and the way senior officers are influenced by their Freemasonic Read More …

Know your rights

Especially when dealing with Britain’s most corrupt Police Force, North Wales Police

Know your rights

Especially when it comes to North wales Police

Know your rights

Especially when it comes to North Wales Police

A song especially for you

You know who you are, your a twat

The loss of a friend

Adrian Eyglesheim It is with great intrepidation that I am writing this post, simply because I am only to aware of the twisted joy, the news of Adrian’s passing will bring to the perverse fools that authored the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. David Jones MP, Dylan Moore, Solicitor and Nigel Roberts, useless lump. These Read More …

Filthy bastards

David Jones a creep of a solicitor http://www.drsallybaker.com/tag/david-jones-mp/ The above article is extremely interesting and highlights the extent of filth that the people concerned crawled around on a daily basis to cover up for those who along side themselves that spewed forth the filth with no conscience or remorse. As in the recorded words of Read More …

The village idiot

The Village Idiot sacked Welsh minister and sacked brexit minister baffles himself on gay parenting David Jones’s comments about same-sex couples and children are garbled and contradictory Secretary of state for Wales, David Jones MP, arriving for work at Downing Street. Photograph: Steve Back / Barcroft Media Is Welsh secretary, David Jones, attempting to lead Read More …

The law doesn’t apply to me

Once a fraudster….. David Jones MP, get his retaliation in first, to disguise his attempt at the theft of nearly 82,000 pounds. I thought I’d look at this archived news  that Wales’ most senior Conservative MP of that time says Councillors in Conwy should consider their positions after a series of costly issues. Clwyd West MP and Welsh Read More …

North Wales Police says the law is what they say it is

When you’re in a hole, you need to stop digging North Wales Police are quite happy to assert that the law is what a police constable says it is – as opposed to what is written in statute. This is backed up by a polite note from their Press Department, and what appears to be Read More …