Police corruption. a must watch

Sickening I thought I was past being surprised by the levels of corruption that run through our police forces from the very top down. This interview is a must watch for all. People like me who have endured North Wales Police corruption at it’s worse and the way senior officers are influenced by their Freemasonic Read More …

Are you a C..t?

The study of the word cunt http://www.matthewhunt.com/cunt/ Are you a cunt? now before the likes of David Jones MP, Dylan Moore , solicitor and 7 bellies, the jaffa, Nigel Roberts, (the three Freemason internet trolls), get their knickers in a twist and hit the hotline to Mark Polin, the Chief Cuntstable of North wales Police, Read More …

Know your rights

Especially when dealing with Britain’s most corrupt Police Force, North Wales Police

Know your rights

Especially when it comes to North wales Police

Know your rights

Especially when it comes to North Wales Police

A song especially for you

You know who you are, your a twat

Lying policeman who leaked information to suspect fined £4,000

A DETECTIVE who leaked police information to a one-time suspected criminal was ordered to pay a £4,000 fine or face jail. Vaughan Roberts was said to have brought “disgrace” on the North Wales force with his lies, after he got hold of information about a friend on the police computer network. He then disclosed it Read More …

Burglar’s £45,000 phone bill paid by North Wales Police

Can you believe how pathetic and stupid North Wales Police are? North Wales Police paid a bill, (sorry you the public paid this bill) of £45,000 run up by a burglar while he was on bail after he was given a mobile phone by the force. The phone had been given to the offender from Read More …

The moral force

North Wales detective caught in office ‘love square’ used police systems to spy on ex-girlfriend Detective Gerallt Davies cheated on his detective constable partner with a PCSO who then left him for another officer A police detective who found himself involved in a complicated ‘love square’ with three colleagues used work software to spy on Read More …

The loss of a friend

Adrian Eyglesheim It is with great intrepidation that I am writing this post, simply because I am only to aware of the twisted joy, the news of Adrian’s passing will bring to the perverse fools that authored the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. David Jones MP, Dylan Moore, Solicitor and Nigel Roberts, useless lump. These Read More …