Don’t do as we do, do as we say

North Wales Police illegally parked This little piggy went to the bank, illegally parked and prevented official Llandudno Taxi’s from operating. That’s OK, they are the police, they are a law unto themselves.

I’d rather watch paint dry

An anonymous message Sent into this blog post: James Mason 0 approved Awaiting spam checkI’d rather watch paint dry, you boring bastard Approve | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | Spam | Trash Well just for you ‘James’ here’s a video of paint drying. If your require any more of the same please let me know,  enjoy, regards the boring bastard.  

Put yer foot down we’re late for tea break sarge has choccy biscuits

This police car speeds down Trinity avenue, you won’t believe what happens next North wales Police fail again, reported, incident number V178464, I guarantee nothing will be done to this constable for his clear dangerous driving, again.

Cowardly Mr anonymous

Nigel, David or Dylan Anonymous comments sent into my blog, why is it these cowards are incapable of commenting about a person/persons in their own name? or like a person with a backbone, to our faces? The latest attempts of a coward to stir the shite: Bungle 0 approved Awaiting spam checkCreamer ? Read More …

North Wales Police thugs

North Wales Police at their ‘finest’ and all because of an unfounded accusation of assult

David Jones MP, is he on the ‘FULL’ list?

  For a few days the list of 36 Tory MP’s has been creating havoc. British politics and politicians have been facing an unprecedented period of accusations and revelations of  sleaze, Freemason influenced cover ups, corruption and pedophilia. It’s not just the political world that has time and time again been blighted with revelations of pedophilia, sexual exploits with rent boys Read More …

David Jones MP, an dishonest hypocrite

The hypocrisy of a ‘religious’ MP My last post was concentrated on the North Wales ‘Mafia’, dirty politicians, pedophiles, bent police, bent judiciary, bent health care workers and the MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones, admittedly I did not write that post but all the same it is of great interest to my blog Read More …

The Pharmacist, The Paedophile Ring, The Lobotomist and The MP

The dishonorable MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones Those of you that bother to read my blog are only too aware that I despise the little lying worm that is David Jones; Jones is a practicing Freemason, despite his public denials, I have an admission that Jones regularly attends the ‘Tudno’ Lodge. Jones has used his Read More …

Food for thought

UK Police today The trust is gone, no faith in these corporate thugs who do not give a damn.  

Sic em Pigs

Sic em Pigs, by Canned Heat Very appropriate for North Wales Police The lyrics every time you do your do your thing outlaw sic ’em pigs on you feelin’ good have some fun go down town but don’t you don’t you wonder round sic ’em pigs on you watch what you do watch what you Read More …