The American way

North Wales Police adopt an appropriate American recruitment drive. Call North Wales Police Police Officer recruitment 01492 804699

I’d rather watch paint dry

An anonymous message Sent into this blog post: James Mason 0 approved Awaiting spam checkI’d rather watch paint dry, you boring bastard Approve | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | Spam | Trash Well just for you ‘James’ here’s a video of paint drying. If your require any more of the same please let me know,  enjoy, regards the boring bastard.  

Put yer foot down we’re late for tea break sarge has choccy biscuits

This police car speeds down Trinity avenue, you won’t believe what happens next North wales Police fail again, reported, incident number V178464, I guarantee nothing will be done to this constable for his clear dangerous driving, again.

Only North Wales Police

A force full of ‘Mistakes’ A light hearted mistake, maybe, but North wales Police are full of mistakes, whether it be raiding the home of innocent people like my family home, or an innocent family sleeping, as in the case of the Holyhead family, or killing a dog on the A55, oops sorry that was deliberate, or Read More …

The idiot brain ‘North Wales Police’

‘Operation Scorpion’ A cross border drug operation, NWPOLICE conduct raids simultaneously, at property’s in Holyhead, Llandudno Junction, Llandudno and Colwyn Bay. The complete f*ck ups that North Wales Police are, only raided the wrong house on the wrong street at 5am this morning in Holyhead, smashing down a door frightening the lives out of an Read More …

Cowardly Mr anonymous

Nigel, David or Dylan Anonymous comments sent into my blog, why is it these cowards are incapable of commenting about a person/persons in their own name? or like a person with a backbone, to our faces? The latest attempts of a coward to stir the shite: Bungle 0 approved Awaiting spam checkCreamer ? Read More …

Blood on their hands

North Wales Police They are a shambles, three constables attend a property that screams of help are heard coming from yet they obviously cared not to investigate properly, their actions quite probably, cost the life of this young woman.  Three police officers will be investigated over their contact with a mother who went on to Read More …

North Wales Police thugs

North Wales Police at their ‘finest’ and all because of an unfounded accusation of assult

Food for thought

UK Police today The trust is gone, no faith in these corporate thugs who do not give a damn.  

Nigel, Nigel, Nigel

A NWPOLICE Grass Nigel Roberts….. is he a man? is he an animal? no he is a troll, a fantasist, a police informant and a playground bully. Over the last three weeks, I have been unlucky enough to bump into the huge bulk of a jaffa that is David Nigel Roberts and on one occasion Read More …