Dear North Wales Police

Nothing has changed Except the personnel: Gone is the mad mullah, Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom, only to be replaced by the Ayatollah Freemason Mark Polin  Gone is Deputy Chief Constable Bill Brereton, (conveniently retired off) only to be replaced by the nauseating Freemason Gareth Pritchard. Gone is the MP for Clwyd West  Gareth Thomas (an MP known for standing Read More …

Dear David

Hello Mr Jones I am emailing you because of your clear lack of conscience! As you are fully aware I have for over three years now been pursuing justice for all 46 of your known victims including my family and myself, innocent people you chose to attack for whatever reason, during the seven year period Read More …

Dear Anthony

anthony 0 approved Awaiting spam checkYour just an unwanted cunt up to no good. I’m sure your birth family made the right choice getting rid of you. Approve | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | Spam | Trash Another wonderfully scripted reply, I am in awe of your use of profanity, your intelligence is second to none and your use of spite has Read More …

Dear Perkie

Perkie 1 approved Awaiting spam checkMy kids are proud of my wife and I , yours will grow up and see you for what you really are. I guess your the chief toilet cleaner of this little business of yours ? Do your clients have any idea of what the two of you Read More …

Know your rights

Porky pig  

Police corruption. a must watch

Sickening I thought I was past being surprised by the levels of corruption that run through our police forces from the very top down. This interview is a must watch for all. People like me who have endured North Wales Police corruption at it’s worse and the way senior officers are influenced by their Freemasonic Read More …

Are you a C..t?

The study of the word cunt Are you a cunt? now before the likes of David Jones MP, Dylan Moore , solicitor and 7 bellies, the jaffa, Nigel Roberts, (the three Freemason internet trolls), get their knickers in a twist and hit the hotline to Mark Polin, the Chief Cuntstable of North wales Police, Read More …

Know your rights

Especially when dealing with Britain’s most corrupt Police Force, North Wales Police

Know your rights

Especially when it comes to North wales Police

Know your rights

Especially when it comes to North Wales Police