The Thoughts Of Oscar Saga.

One thing I want for this blog above everything else is NICENESS, niceness is that even a word? I think it must be because spell check seems to like it, but for me its the ideal word to help describe the content of this blog.

Now I mention this because having spoken with a few very close friends of mine, Mr Hotel, Mr Llandudno, Mr Fish, Mr Shop, Mr Conwy and members of a group known as the victims of Oscar!, I have been asked to contribute something on this blog about the Thoughts Of Oscar saga.

This is not necessarily the road I want to go down, certainly from a content point of view for this blog, but I feel somewhat obligated to do so because of the abominable effect the Thoughts Of Oscar blog had on so many folk.

For those of you not familiar with Thoughts Of Oscar, this was a blog set up by the late Paul Roberts and his vindictive son Nigel. The Thoughts Of Oscar blog existed to create havoc and bring disharmony to the life’s of folk that the blog’s authors decided to target and they achieved this for a period of seven years It was not until September last year that the authorship were forced to delete the blog from existence by Guto Bebb Conservative MP for Aberconwy, who was counted as one of the blogs many victims. Mr Bebb acting on behalf of a local constituent raised the issue of this blog in the House Of Commons and used his Parliamentary privilege to expose the three main authors behind the blog, Mr Nigel Roberts of 2 Hawes Drive Deganwy, MR David Jones Conservative MP for Clwyd West, who resides at 84 Tan Y Bryn road, Rhos On Sea and Mr Dylan Moore of 25 Powys Road Llandudno.

During the blogs period of existence many of the people affected by its authors, most often in the most vile of manner, raised their concerns with North Wales Police. The Police felt unable to assist the complainants as they could not determine who the authors were and advised folk not to read it. That was there attitude toward all complainants between 2007/2014.

Having spoken with many of the blogs victims it appears to me that North Wales Police acted completely without compassion and determined not to be honest when it came to their knowledge about the blogs authors.

In 2010 during a notorious criminal trial, Thoughts Of Oscars publisher was publishing a lot of disparaging remarks about the defendants on trial which ultimately could have influenced the jury, the presiding Judge ordered DC Don Kenyon of North Wales Police to speak with the blogs authors ordering them to remove any and all disparaging remarks about the defendants and to refrain from publishing any other relevant comments for the period of the trial. Two hours later DC Don Kenyon swore on oath that he had carried out the judges instructions and that the authors had been spoken to!

In 2011 Nigel Roberts, the blogs publisher, was spoken to by Inspector Ian Verburg at Llandudno Police Station about recent comments he had published on the Thoughts Of Oscar blog, to be more specific he was given an Osman warning.

So it appears North Wales Police had full knowledge of those responsible for the blog and its content. So why did they feel it necessary to lie to each and every victim who came forward and complained?

As a direct result of Guto Bebbs speech revealing those responsible for this poison pen style blog, a fresh investigation was ordered into all the complaints brought to the attention of North Wales Police.
It is unfortunate that from the outset of this investigation all faith and trust in North Wales Police and the investigating officer was non existent, but some victims thought there may be a glimmer of hope that the police would seek to do justice to their complaints, unfortunately that lack of faith and trust was justified and reinforced due to the despicable lack of professionalism on behalf of the investigating officer DC Chris Walsh and his superior DS John Hanson, who according to one of the victims in their own words admitted the only investigating they had done was to study the evidence supplied to them by the victims of the blog, they did not interview the authors, they did not seek to study the publishers hard drives, in order to obtain more evidence. So it came as no surprise to the blogs 29 victims that the investigation concluded there was not enough evidence against the blogs authors/publishers to reach the threshold for prosecution. POPPYCOCK.

Nigel Roberts to date has not sought to apologise to all those effected by the disgusting and vile comments he published on that blog, he still continues to use his social media platforms to continue his campaign of harassment against his many victims, he does so with the confidence that North Wales Police will not seek to prosecute him.

David Jones continues to deny any involvement with the blog but continues to besmirch the reputation of many of the blogs victims even referring to one victim as being a paedophile, this comment was reported to the police who have so far refused to act against Mr Jones.

Dylan Moore continues to act as if the whole affair never existed, but in his defence he has publicly claimed David Jones MP was a regular contributor to the blog and that Nigel his ex client, he claimed again publicly was a police informer.

So where does this leave all those that have already suffered at the hands of these despicable people and all those that will suffer in the future because North Wales Police refuse to act?

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  1. For me I miss working with Nigel on his blog, use to have great fun berating those little people out there, come back Nigel, come back Oscar.

  2. I cannot believe some of these comments, miss use of social media is all to common these days, Nigel Roberts sounds like a horrible man, next time I go to his shop I will tell him so.

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