The Truth Will Out, One Should Never Give Up.

A web of lies are being spun to try and bring an end to the group VICTIMS OF OSCAR (

For those unaware there are 29 known victims of the troll blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’, the blog saw its demise last September when MP for Aberconwy Guto Bebb, exposed it and its authorship during his house of commons speech about the blog, police collusion and the awful effect it had had on the lives of many local people.

Guto Bebb also highlighted the total lack of help not given to the many victims of the blog who had raised their concerns with North Wales Police, even going so far as to imply the possible collusion between the blog authors and North Wales Police themselves.

As many of my readers will be aware North Wales Police were instructed to investigate thoroughly the complaints made against the ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’ blog and its authors.

DSI John Hanson concluded that after investigating all the complaints brought to his attention that the evidence against the blog did not reach the threshold for prosecution.

He drew this conclusion despite a mountain of incriminating evidence presented to him and his investigating officer DC Christopher Walsh, by the blogs many victims,

DSI Hanson even admitted that North Wales Police have not even interviewed, during their investigation, the self confessed author of the blog Mr David Nigel Roberts, of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, nor had they even attempted to examine what would most certainly amount to a mass of damning evidence by seeking a warrant to seize the blogs authors many computers.

If DSI Hanson had taken the time to interview Mr Roberts under caution they could also have seized his mobile phone with no need of a warrant, which would have undoubtedly provided more than enough evidence to the police.

So the only conclusion one can draw with regards to DSI John Hanson’s investigation is that it was half baked to say the very least and why? We have to ask, have North Wales Police colluded with the blog and its authorship?

Is it because information was regularly passed between the authorship and the police?

These and many more questions need answering because it is plainly clear that North Wales Police are attempting to cover something up and at this moment in time are attempting to silence the very victims themselves especially their spokesperson.

This is not going to go away, the VICTIMS OF OSCAR are now building a case for a private prosecution against all the blogs authors, they are seeking the help of the home office and have served legal writs against the blogs authors, although the blogs authors have stated that these writs are nothing more than an attempt by their victims to extort money.

There is an investigation going on at the moment that I am unable to comment on for legal reasons, the outcome of this investigation I have been instructed will backfire and open the flood gates.

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