Taken From ‘The Chronicles Of Ruination’ a web site operated by the Authour ship of ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ The Troll Blog.

Thoughts of Oscar was a troll blog that victimised a lot of local people for over seven years, it was finally forced to close thanks to Guto Bebb MP for Aberconwy, who acting on behalf of  his constituents that had been traumatised by the effects of the blogs authors writings aired this vicious blog and its authors in his House Of Commons speech last September 9th.

David Nigel Roberts Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents on the same day took sole responsibility for the blog in question.
We the victims have always been convinced that there were more people involved with the production of that blog, but this has been continually denied by Mr Roberts and others so why would Mr Roberts on his blog ‘The Chronicles Of Ruination’ state the following highlighted piece.

Llandudno – Sad news The Blog Thoughts of Oscar closes – MP Guto Bebb

Sad news for many local people today, Thoughts of Oscar blog has ended, For many people information posted on this blog gave local people a voice, and enabled the questioning of those in power and their actions.It also enabled exposure of corruption locally, not really a shock that it’s caused some “people” to be very unhappy, but sometimes the truth hurts. The good news heard via the grapevine however is that a new blog will replace the old one entitled “Words of Oscar” a tribute from the people.Sounds great, but no idea,when,where or who, but as soon as we find out we’ll post a link here. Thanks Oscar and the team for all the years of T.O.O it was a fantastic site,