A Judicial Review, The Troll Blog Thoughts Of Oscar and North Wales Police.

We, that is to say all the victims of the vicious troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ have applied for a Judicial Review of the investigation by North Wales Police into those responsible for the afore mentioned blog.

We are determined in our efforts to have North Wales Police exposed for its partiality when conducting their reluctant investigation into that blog, I say reluctant because over a seven year period they refused to act at all until ordered to last September 9th by Deputy Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard.

The subsequent investigation was overseen by DSI John Hanson and frankly the end result was laughable, but as I have blogged about that on numerous occasions I’ll not repeat myself again.

Although we expected North Wales Police to conclude in this manner, we had hoped for better, we now accept that to get this matter dealt with properly is going to be a long drawn out affair, but we will succeed and a Judicial review is just the next step.

The more North Wales Police try to cover up dealings between themselves and the authorship of the Troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, the bigger the hole they are digging and the more mistakes they are making.

Here follows a list of some of their blunders:

1, They over the last seven years denied any knowledge of the authorship behind that blog, they lied, Chief Superintendent Humphrey’s new as far back as 2009, we have a recorded admission to the fact.

2, Inspector Ian Verburg was at least aware since may 2011, this is admitted, yet when complaints were brought to his attention the last being March 2013 he denied any knowledge. Inspector Ian Verburg is a liar.

3. In 2010 during a high profile criminal case DC Don Kenyon was ordered by the presiding judge to speak with the blogs authors and instruct them to remove all untrue and inflammatory comments they had published on the blog leading up to and during the trial, this was achieved in two hours and DC Don Kenyon  re-took the stand and swore an oath to that effect.

4, As a result of an IPCC investigation into the unprofessional behaviour by North Wales Police and particularly certain Officers, when questioned about the above DC Don Kenyon says and I quote “I do not remember going into the witness box and swearing an oath” to the above. All this is in the court transcripts and if DC Kenyon’s memory is that bad then how can he be relied upon to give credible evidence in any cases he has and may in the future be involved in? DC Don Kenton is a liar.

5, DSI John Hanson says in an interview that all the evidence presented to him with regards to the harassment and obvious victimisation inflicted by the blogs authors on at least 29 individuals, did not reach the level for prosecution, Bullshit, DSI John Hanson is a liar.

Why do I say that? two reasons, several years ago Janet Finch Saunders Tory AM for Aberconwy discovered a picture of her face pasted on the body of a naked woman on the internet whilst searching herself as you do on Google, the pic was about seven Google pages in and difficult to spot, yet after reporting the matter to North Wales police the culprit was quickly apprehended and successfully prosecuted under section 5 of the public order act. Compared to all the evidence DSI Hanson was presented with for his investigation this was nothing.

6, As I have said before David Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts newsagents and publisher of the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ Troll blog also passed information to the police via the blog, which implies Nigel Roberts was a police informant. This is admitted in a recorded interview with his then solicitor Dylan Moore of David Jones solicitors in Llandudno.

The spokes person for the group victims of oscar, www.victimsofoscar.com was quickly arrested after Nigel Roberts and his wife confronted him in the street then complained to police that he was being aggressive and confrontational. After a lengthy interview under caution and studying of the CCTV evidence it was realised that the spokesperson was not the aggressor but in fact it was Mr and Mrs Roberts, but still North Wales Police have charged the spokesperson with a public order offence.

What are North Wales Police afraid of? are they afraid that if they prosecute Nigel Roberts for his despicable and vile trolling behaviour, will that open the flood gates? will Nigel Roberts reveal the others behind the blog including serving police officers?

Will his prosecution open the floodgates for many of us to sue North Wales Police particularly those who’s court cases were prejudiced due to the comments on the blog.

North Wales Police will carry on in their unjust treatment of the blogs victims and continue in the protection of that blogs authors, the hole they have dug is just to deep, innocent people will pay until the day that the truth is finally out.

How can any person represent such a corrupt institution?

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  1. The Public in the UK have lost all faith in the Police as a whole despite there being many excellent Officers in their ranks. Put a stripe on their arm or a pip or three on their shoulder and it goes to their heads. All they have to survive is 25 years until they can draw a big fat, index linked pension, and still be young enough to get another well paid job.

    Once upon a time a PC could nip home for a brew when on nights, unless he saw the Sergeants bike outside his house!

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