David & Janet……Tut, Tut, Tut………

Thanks to Mr Llandudno once again……the sneaky things these people will do, its just horrible, horrible……….


David & Janet

Well, well, well.

It’s come to our attention that what we thought was a silly rumour about Janet Finch Saunders and David Jones MP is true.

No, not that kind of rumour, it’s well known that Janet is very happily married.

We mean the rumour about Janet Finch Saunders carrying tales to David Jones about Guto Bebb.

David Jones MP for Clwyd West has confirmed that he was pre-warned by Janet Finch Saunders that Guto Bebb had secured an adjournment debate on September 9th 2015 regarding the Thoughts of Oscar blog, Janet Finch Saunders told tales to Dave that Guto Bebb named Dylan Moore & David Jones as being involved outside of Parliament.

Janet Finch Saunders was told this information in good faith, what with her also being maligned by ‘Oscar’ for many years and being a colleague and fellow Conservative party member.

Why did she feel the need to betray this trust? Only she can answer this, was it jealousy, a petty streak or a need to gain favour from David Jones perhaps?

The result of her treacherous behavior was that she was willing to say that Guto Bebb had named the authors of Thoughts of Oscar outside of Parliament, again we find ourselves asking why would someone who’s often maligned on the blog want to protect two of the blogs key contributors over a colleague who was doing the right thing for all the people maligned by Oscar and gang by highlighting this nasty poison pen style blog, did Janet forget the hurt that this blog caused her children?

Shame on you Jan!

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