Politicians & Rent Boys….

I have harped on about the corruption rife throughout politics and politicians for quite some time now, I have also highlighted their ability to lie without conscience with no concerns for the effect those lies have on  others.

What disgusts me most about these so called upstanding pillars of society is their lust for under-age boys. who many male politicians have abused and are still abusing today.

Many of us have read recently published articles like: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/tory-child-abuse-whistleblower-i-3848987,  having read it its difficult to believe that these animals can behave like this and get away with it.

Just how many of our current MP’s are still abusing young children for their warped sexual desires and do so without fear of being exposed for the dirty twisted individuals they are.

Do you ever look at your MP and think “is he one”? I don,t at ours but I do at others……..

Paedophiles come in all shapes and forms making them very difficult to spot, but they do have one weakness, they are quite often overly tactile when they meet children, many make excuses to be alone with them.

Of course its not just politicians, it’s rife throughout many of our institutions, the police and the church to name but two.

These disgusting creatures have the cheek to tell us how things should be.

2 thoughts on “Politicians & Rent Boys….”

  1. And Freemasonry! Too much touchy, touchy, feely, feely in their rituals. Some really cuddlesome clinches in the ceremonies.

  2. When you are away from home for 4 nights a week, some people are unable to surpress their sexual desires, and the "ladies of the night" or "rent boys" are regarded as an acceptable alternative to usual relationshs! That is acceptable when hotels and subsistance allowances ensure that you have plenty of funds to lavish on the subjects of ones desires. It doesn't take long for a move to be made towards paedophylia with younger girls and boys. A few hotel doormen can tell many a tale of the ships that pass in the night.

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