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David Jones and the darker side of politics

There was something about the title of David Jones’ most recent blog post that sounded familiar. At first I wondered if “Voices of Colwyn Bay” was an old mariners’ tale telling of the disembodied souls of those who had lost their lives a shipwreck on some stormy night a century or more ago. But it was a post about a meeting to express public concern for the future of Colwyn Bay pier … an entirely good and worthy cause, and one which I hope succeeds.
But at the bottom of the post I noticed a familiar name: John Oddy.
Mr Oddy stood for election to Colwyn Bay Town Council in 2008 as a BNP candidate and, sadly, was returned unopposed. I crossed swords a few times with him on the WalesOnline forum and can assure anyone who cares to trust my judgement that he is a thoroughly nasty piece of work.
After a short while he, and two other BNP councillors who had come to office in the same way, made a show of leaving the BNP for what he would only describe as “personal reasons”. I suspected at the time that this was just a cosmetic exercise designed to fool the public … and it seems I have now been proved right, because he is openly supporting the BNP again, as we can read in this post on his blog.
As anyone who clicked the link can see, the title of John Oddy’s blog is … “Voices of Colwyn Bay”.
Now of course I wouldn’t want to suggest that the Tory MP for Clwyd West is in any way connected with the BNP. He is probably simply grateful for the publicity that John Oddy was able to give the campaign to save the pier. I’m sure that any little old lady would be equally grateful if a BNP supporter helped her across a busy road … though I wonder if she would accept such help if she knew about who was offering it.

I’m quite sure David Jones chose the title of his post simply as a way of saying “thank you” to John Oddy for the publicity he was able to provide, and linked to his blog just to give it a little more publicity in return. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. But it is … how shall we put it … just a little unfortunate that he chose to do so.
All in all this episode probably says more about how little David Jones knows about politics in his very own constituency … and that is something rather more unfortunate.