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Shamed Baron John Sewel has today quit as the Deputy Speaker of the Lords after The Sun on Sunday exposed him snorting cocaine with a pair of £200-a-night hookers.
The married peer, 69, was caught on camera stripping naked for the sordid sex party.
Lord Sewel – one a key ally of ex-PM Tony Blair – was in charge of upholding standards in the House of Lords.


But he has resigned from his role as Deputy Speaker and the Chairman of the Privileges and Conduct Committee.
He branded Asian women “whores” in a shocking outburst during his cocaine-fuelled sex party.
Just ten days ago Lord Sewel was trumpeting tough new punishments for peers who behave badly.
@The Sun
@The Sun
As Chairman of the Privileges and Conduct Committee which oversees members’ conduct, he proudly announced errant Lords can be given open-ended suspensions — or even booted out.

Lord Sewell is claiming that he was carrying out

research and that he will be claiming the extra costs

incurred for the hiring of the services he used.  

Apparently D Jones was hiding in the cupboard suitably 

attired in hand cuffs and a pair of ladies knickers.

Waiting his turn.

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  1. Surely one must wonder how many other Members of the Lords, or indeed the Commons, engage in such activities paid for out of their allowances. No womder they constantly need to get pay increases. I wonder if the female workers they employ for such escapades pay their tax and declare the source of their income? ������

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