More From The Archives Of The Troll Blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’ Published By Nigel Roberts Of Nigel Roberts News Agents In Llandudno…..

The authors of that nasty troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ when they had chosen their next target would create pseudonyms or steal the identities of others, which allowed them to respond to their own vile posts/comments aimed at their victims. 

In the case below they stole the identity of a retired gentleman Mr Adrian Eygelsheim.
Mr Eygelsheim had himself been a long term victim of that troll blog and it’s authors.

During the early months of 2013 after I revealed the identities of the main protagonists behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’,
My Family and I were attacked relentlessly:,

 All respondents to what Nigel Roberts and co had to say about me, are in fact Nigel Roberts and his co-authors, this is how they would stir the pot using Pseudonyms or simply putting anonymous.
One of Nigel’s  most regularly used pseudonyms was and still is E-thug.
A popular choice for him on his latest troll blog, ‘CSI Llandudno’. 

Nigel Roberts then decided to steal Adrian Eygelsheim’s identity to attack me, he set up a twitter account in the name of @Adrianeagle, then sort to attack me, as follows.

We know this is the work of Nigel Roberts and his co-authors because once Mr Eygelsheim had himself discovered the account he went through a long drawn out process with Twitter to have the account removed and prove that indeed he was not the author.
Twitter themselves have clarified this.

Nigel Roberts and his co-authors/contributors such as MP for Clwyd West David Jones are extremely disturbed individuals. I am sure the readers would agree that anyone one who behaves in such a manner is not at all well balanced.

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  1. What a despicable individual Nige Roberts is to implicate other people in his vile trolling activities. He should be prosecuted for using another persons details and sent to gaol. What makes it worse is that he has used the other persons details to slag off someone else. What would have happened had one found the other and given them a good hiding? Its Nigel what needs a bloody good hiding.

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