More Oh Yes, Yet More From The Archives Of That Spiteful Vicious & Nasty Troll Blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’, Published By Non Other Than Nigel Roberts Of Nigel Roberts News Agents In Llandudno, Contributed To/Authored By The MP For Clwyd West David Jones…..& Others…..

Part one

Yesterdays edification from the afore mentioned troll blog introduced Lyn Smith, for the purpose of demonstrating how the authors behind that blog loved to attack anyone who may be associated with criminality, how they involved members of their victims families, whether those members were children, elderly, disabled or deceased it made no difference to the authors, they cared not for any detrimental effect their actions undoubtedly had.

The most notorious of their victims was Michael Creamer. Now its only fair to explain at this point that Michaels reputation defiantly came before him.

What one needs to ascertain here was Michaels reputation one of his own doing or one manufactured by North Wales police and the local gossip mongers, lets face it we all love to slag the bad guy……
To discover the answer to this question you need to read this blog:

Now unless you know Michael Creamer and his family personally I suggest you do not behave like the trolls behind ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and do your homework before making an opinion. I like many others before  have heard the gossip and believed what has been said about Michael and his family, give a dog a bad name and generally it sticks, I was wrong.

Like many before and after me its all to easy to go with the consensus of opinion, well in my case lesson learnt.

Michael given the chance would be the first person to hold his hands up and say “yes I’ve done this, that or the other”, he does not portray himself as being whiter than white, but he is defiantly not guilty of the dreadful things he has been accused of on many occasions by the police or trolls like those behind the blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

The proof of the pudding is in the reading :

Moving on, Mr and Mrs Creamer in December 2010 were prosecuted for mortgage fraud, I am not going to use this post to analyse guilt or innocence, this post is going to demonstrate once again the corrupt and vile behaviour of the trolls behind ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and the lies and obvious collusion between that blog and North Wales police.

As in many instances both before the Creamer trail and after, the authors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ have received information informing them of any up coming criminal proceedings! why? well the answer is obvious! The authors would start publishing posts which would inform their readers of these forthcoming proceedings, then they would go on to comment on their published post.

Most of the comments received in response to these types of posts were written and published by the authors themselves, they would generally use annoms or well establishes pseudonyms such as E-Thug, Ted.E.Bear or Mr Benn. They would do this to stir the pot, being very vitriolic in their responses.

You may ask, “how do I know that these responders were the authors themselves”? Simple’s, as much as these horrible specimens like to think they are clever, really they are not.

Each and every new blog opened by Nigel Roberts, David Jones and their associated authors/contributors, since the demise of ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, were opened to attack the victims of the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog. Most of the responders to any published post were done through annoms and pseudonyms and their pseudonyms generally were,  E-Thug, Ted.E.Bear or Mr Benn amongst others and what’s more important these responses appeared seconds after a post was published.

Bit thick really……

The Creamer trial lasted seven weeks from October 2010 through to December 2010, yet Nigel Roberts was publishing information about the Creamers and their trial well before that time:

This was published by Roberts on 31-07-2010
He introduce Creamer in the second paragraph hinting at his spending time in prison in the near future. How would Roberts have known this?
Here Nigel Roberts is insinuating that the Creamers are police informants…..don’t make me laugh Nigel, the only police informant I know is you.
Roberts informs us here that Creamer is in Court but he is unsure of the reason why…
Then Roberts responds to himself informing us why he thinks Creamer is in court….if that’s not prior knowledge I don’t know what is.
Once the Creamer trail started Nigel Roberts started to post comments on his troll blog informing us all what a terrible person Michael Creamer is, that is until the presiding Judge ordered DC Don Kenyon of North Wales police to speak with the authors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, order them to remove any detrimental comments about the Creamers and not to publish anything else for the duration of the trial.
By this time though it was to late and the Jury will have seen comments like “Creamer is a drug dealer” or “Creamer is a rapist” both of which are completely untrue but published by Roberts to stir the pot.
DC Kenyon was back in the witness box within two hours and swore on oath that the Authors had been spoken to, this of course is in the court transcripts.
Coincidently during a recent IPCC investigation into the collusion between North Wales police and the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ DC Don Kenyon was asked “did you speak with the authors of that blog as ordered by the judge and did you then swear on oath you had”? at this point you must take into account that because of the outcome of this trial DC Kenyon was promoted.
To the question asked by the IPCC DC Kenyon replied “I do not remember” so he refused to admit the authors had been spoken to at that time despite this being in the court transcripts and despite his promotion.
I have it on good authority that when in fact DC Kenyon did contact the authors of that blog as instructed by the Judge he spoke first to inspector Ian Verburg (who we know has lied about his knowledge of that blogs existence and its authors) Verburg then went on to speak with MP FOR CLWYD WEST DAVID JONES, who then spoke with Nigel Roberts and as a consequence all posts were removed.

Once the Creamers were sentenced then Nigel Roberts and his co-authors had a field day, spending weeks publishing made up comments about the Creamers as follows:

This is going to be a long post but very relevant, part two tomorrow.