Taken With The Kind Permission Of My Good Friend Mr Llandudno…..

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The CCTV Evidence

Below is the CCTV evidence that has been released on YouTube of the incident on Gloddaeth Street involving a member of the Victims Of Oscar, Nigel Roberts & the Trolls Moll, Wendy.

Good God Nigel, did nobody ever teach you that if your woman is upset, you should put an arm around her???? Or at least take the poor “distressed” woman back to the troll cave shop, console her a bit in the back room like you do with the other staff? 

No, you leave her standing around in the street while you stalk your alleged violent harasser!!

Were you never taught in St David’s College that you shouldn’t try to intimidate children, especially one that you’ve said in your statement are no older than 9 or 10?

Is this what your left to now Nigel? Using your gargantuan size and bulk to try to intimidate children? 

Shame On You!